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How To Create A Family-Friendly Garden

If there’s one thing we’ve needed this summer during temperatures that have hit a crazy 38 degrees at times, it’s a family-friendly garden.

We moved house three months ago and, with two children who quite literally run rings around me often, a big happy garden was high on my priority list. Kids need to burn off their energy in as many places and as many ways as possible, so having a garden is essential for us.

But a family-friendly garden doesn’t just happen – if you’ll excuse the pun – organically. It takes time and energy to create one: and here’s how we’ve done it.

Make Sure There’s Shade
In the summertime, a shaded garden is a must-have and was first on my priority list when it came to moving into our new house this May. With the mercury rising sky-high, when you’re spending time outdoors (especially when you’re doing it with kids) you need lovely shaded areas to chill out in. We have some trees that provides some shelter, but to cover all bases I think it’s a grand idea to purchase artificial shade, too. You can find a gazebo for garden use here – it’s well worth the small investment to keep the family cool and their skin safe.

Speak To Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing
As my fingers are so un-green they’re practically on the other end of the rainbow, I needed to rope in some help when it came to creating my family garden. My first port of call was my mum, an enthusiastic gardener: her own garden is gorgeously blooming and very child-friendly (they even have a trampoline!). But then I needed to implement her suggestions, and for those I also called on someone who’d know more about gardens than me, and that’s David, our friendly neighborhood gardener.

David came highly recommended by my school mum friends – no higher plaudit, really! – and has been an actual ray of sunshine. I LOVE the fact I don’t need to worry about dead-heading my roses or mowing the lawn any more. Thanks, David!

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Bring The Inside-Outside
This is one of the most important factors, I reckon: making sure your kids see the garden as a ‘room’ of the house, one that’s just as important as the lounge, bedroom or kitchen (but better, because there’s no tv in the garden!). I like to keep all the doors and windows flung open where possible, meaning we all potter in and out of the house throughout the day. It’s lovely to have all that fresh air circulating, too!

Eat Out There
One of our favourite things to do as a family is eat in the garden. There’s nothing better than chomping on a BBQ (or anything, really) while you sit and gaze at the trees, the bees, the flowers… we love it. You don’t even need garden furniture – our favourite way to do it is with a picnic blanket! That way you get to enjoy all the perks of going out for a picnic, without ever leaving the house. Perfection.

How do you create a lovely family garden?

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