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How To Conquer Your Finances In 2019
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Money, hey? Can’t live with it, can’t live without it: cash is the thing that causes the most consternation in people’s lives. And I’m no different… it’s a complicated beast and it can sometimes feel impossible to conquer your finances.

But exactly how well do you know your dollar? Are you a money genius or a money novice?

Loan company Sunny Loans have just launched a quiz called ‘Do You Know Your Finances?‘, so thinking I knew my finances pretty well I popped over to their website to give it a go.

Embarrassingly it turns out I really don’t know my finances as well as I thought, scoring a paltry three out of seven. OK, so I know that APR means annual percentage rate, but with so many of the other questions I was totally flummoxed! I have the need to conquer your finances more than I thought…

Financial issues are never more pertinent than at this time of year. Only this morning did I have a text message from my bank telling me I’d gone into my overdraft (technology, eh?!), something I’ve luckily not done since I came out of maternity leave. But as someone who adores Christmas, I have gone slightly wild on the present buying front and just haven’t been able to resist purchasing probably what will amount to quite a few gifts for those I love the most… great for the festive season, bad for my bank balance!

I probably should have saved a little more money for Christmas – hindsight is a great thing, am I right?! – but in lieu of forward planning I’m just going to speedily work out how to re-fill my coffers into the New Year. And I’ve come up with a plan that might also help you conquer your finances:

  1. Finally get that eBay box sorted: OK, so I’m more likely to sell on DePop than eBay these days (so much easier!), but I seriously need to get the boxes of clothes languishing under my bed up on listing sites. Easy (and quick) cash!
  2. Hustle for planned work opportunities: every December I start twitching and planning for the new year. I usually get as far as plotting out January before it all goes to pot, but this season I’m going to be taking it one step further and set intentions for the next twelve months, with a strong focus not just on work but the work that can make me money.
  3. Write a budget: I have lived the last four years of my life and to be honest, it’s quite shameful that I don’t know where my money goes. For example, last week I had a phone call from my old car’s garage to let me know I’d been paying into my service plan for the last year… a year in which I hadn’t owned the car in question. I got the money back in full but it was a sharp realisation that I needed to keep a closer eye on what’s going out of my bank account.
  4.  CConsciously use tech to help: I’ve experimented with a few financial tools this year and 2019 will be the time to embrace this fully. For example, there are online tools such as to manage your investments. Also, I really enjoy using Cleo as an overview to my finances (it’s ran solely on Facebook chat… amazing) and I plan on switching my accounts over to online-only banks, such as Starling, for ease.

How will you conquer your finances in 2019?

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