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How to Collaborate In Your Small Business
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Should employees collaborate more often in your small business? It depends on what kinds of tasks you have and what kinds of employees you have.

The challenges of making collaboration fluid are still present even in 2019. We have amazing technology, software, task management and just in general, we’re a lot more sophisticated in our communication. We socialize with all different kinds of personalities, we interact with people who we hardly known on a professional level more than ever before.

Business is global, so of course this is the case. Yet, there are some reasons why so many companies don’t have a fast-moving collaborative culture. For one, sometimes the social rules and etiquette are not clearly explained in the company culture. There may be a different style of operating among management and project teams. But the benefits of task collaborate far outweigh any of these things.

Light bulb moments

Some employees are introverts and may not feel comfortable with communicating with the rest of the team at work. Yet when they are at home they tend to be more relaxed and open to people. This is why they may have their light bulb moments if they were to communicate with the rest of the team through software like Monday, Slack or Quire. They have text or mic-chat options available while also having the ability to send and receive documents. They can write down their ideas, proposals, problem-solving advice without having any kind of social anxiety. It also gives a chance for the other employees in their project team to bounce some ideas back and forth with them, getting to know what they’re really thinking.

Time is tight

When time is tight you need all hands on deck. You never know when you’ll need something to be completed far quicker than expected. It would be better if you hand more minds and hands working on this one thing to get it done as soon as possible. This is where G Suite for professional email comes into play. Since you have 30GB of cloud storage, you can access files such as videos, logos, images, photographs and as many documents as you need, and send them all to other employees. You don’t have to save valuable contracts and reports on your smartphone or in your personal machine at home. The other benefit is being able to migrate your current mailbox to the G Suite system so you don’t have to unpack any of your old message.

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Plugging the gap

With so many brilliant minds working together, employees can plug the gaps in ideas. If one employee cannot solve a problem, the other 5 or 10 may be able to. But this is why, task management software is so important to have in business. By sharing alerts when they’re stuck, and managers being able to assign the tasks to someone else at any moment, you have this fluidity made possible.

In this fast-paced world, even extremely late set task can be completed. With services like G Suite, employees can collaborate with each other at the same time, on different machines and in different locations.


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