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How To: Bright, Bold Bathrooms
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Just because the bathroom is somewhere we go to cleanse our bodies of daily grime, doesn’t mean that they have to be plain and sterile. Often, we design our bathrooms with clean, simple lines and stark, washed out colours or even neutral shades that don’t really reflect our personalities. You might think that adding colour in such a small and often restricted space is risky – but when done with care you can really make your bathroom pop! Here we’ll look at ways you can add colour to your bathroom without breaking a sweat or the bank!

Bathroom Furniture

If the idea of painting or wallpapering your bathroom fills you with dread, then maybe you could consider a really modern way of adding colour to your bathroom. We’re talking updating your bathroom furniture or suite! Think new colourful taps, bold and brightly coloured basins or even a stunning standalone tub that bursts with colour and energy. If you’re in favour of this idea, then why not check out better bathrooms for some colourful inspiration?


It’s easy and it’s affordable and you literally have a whole rainbow of colours to play with. Adding paint is the quickest way to add a punch of colour to your bathroom. Once you’ve selected a colour, you can model the rest of the bathroom around it to compliment your choice. If painting a whole wall seems a little daunting, then why not paint a couple of bathroom shelves? Or the space behind an open unit? The only limit is your imagination.


Another option, although arguably not always the cheapest, is to introduce a bit of colour through your bathroom accessories. Think thick fluffy towels in your chosen tone, and match with your loo roll holder, toilet seat, shower curtain – even your toothbrush! The possibilities here are endless and adding colour through accessories is a less permanent solution than painting or installing new bathroom features. If you change your mind six months down the line, so be it!


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Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest tiling your entire bathroom in one solid tile colour. No. Bathrooms that are infinitely tiled in the same colour throughout are a thing of the past and most bathroom designs opt for a “less is more” approach. Once you’ve chosen a colour or a design, you can create a focal point that the eye is drawn to. It’ll break up any plainly coloured bathrooms nicely. Think of fresh green tiles in your shower or a vivid blue splashback behind your bathroom sink.

Your floor

Bathroom flooring usually has to be just the right mix of safety and style. But if you’re only hoping to add a pop of colour then you don’t need to worry about changing your floor. Adding a bold and bright bathroom rug is a sure way to bring your personality across. If you choose a colour that matches your new tiles or your new basin then your bathroom will have a stylishly consistent look.

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