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How Much Are Replacement Windows?
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It’s no secret that I’ve always been pretty house-proud, but you know how things go. The real work is never done!

I’ve brightened up my living space – and my mental state as a result – and got on top of my energy usage, but there’s still plenty to do.

In this instance, I’m talking about replacement windows. Offering light, heat, protection and that all important aesthetic appeal, a good set of windows adds to property value and, importantly enough for me, keeps you lovely and warm.

Replacement windows

Like it or not, windows are like anything else in our homes, especially on the structural side. Wear and tear, forgetting to do maintenance chores every so often and, of course, unreasonable weather can all have an impact on the lifespan of our windows.

Pristine panes bring a lovely fresh feel to any room, and I love to let in the light!

Window glass replacement is another thing to consider, even if the frames themselves seem to be holding up. Pristine panes bring a lovely fresh feel to any room, and I love to let in the light! Either way, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little confused as to what your window replacement cost is going to be. After a little research however, I’ve learned that it’s not as complicated as it might seem.

Why choose replacement windows?

All in all, it very much varies depending on the needs of your home. I’m a stickler for energy efficiency and keeping costs down, so I’ve been skimming replacement windows prices with that in mind. If your house is letting in some unpleasant draughts, it might well be time to replace the windows and get fresh seals sorted to keep you cosy, well in time for next winter.

The visual appeal is another thing to consider. Maybe your room isn’t letting in enough light, or you’re revamping the home in time for spring. Either way, I can’t stress enough what a difference decent windows make.

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How much does it cost to replace windows?

It’s natural that you’re wondering what all this is going to cost. It varies, but if you buy quality replacement windows they’re going to last and do the job, sometimes for 25 years or more. I’m definitely up for spending a little more upfront if it means I don’t have to make a fuss about things for a long time thereafter.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cost of the windows, the cost of their fitting and all the other associated labour often count as separate things, even though they’ll all get combined in the final bill most of the time. If you’re being offered a price that seems too good to be true, it could well be. I don’t want to sound like a stick in the mud, but I’ve heard too many cowboy horror stories about this sort of thing and I truly believe our homes are too valuable to put at risk by cutting corners. As such, trusting a reputable name is my advice.

The biggest consideration for you to make in totting up the cost of new windows is the size. Different rooms in the home have windows of different sizes, and that’s going to play a role in the price. Design factors have a part to play as well, such as lead elements or Georgian bars. It can all sound a bit complex, but ultimately if you’re working with a trustworthy expert you’re going to get a decent quote.

As far as window sizes are concerned, prices also vary slightly if the window is functioning or not. Taking uPVC in mind, which is a popular window frame material thanks to its durability and low maintenance, a one and a half foot by one and a half foot casement fixed window would be in the £150 to £180 range. One of the same size that opens, though, would be closer to £250 to £300.

As I understand it, that extra cost has much to do with the performance of an opening window. It needs to be extra strong structure-wise to open and shut safely, which is something I realise we often take for granted.

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And of course, bigger sizes start seeing higher prices, although I still believe they pay off in the long run. Three foot by three foot windows that don’t open veer towards £250, while ones that do open get closer to £400. Not big leaps, but by the time you’re dealing with big bay windows, you’re looking towards a thousand or so… but those, you definitely want built to last!

Additional considerations

With lovely new replacement windows, what’s next? I hadn’t thought of this first, but a friend handily reminded me… that you’ll need to be rid of the old windows!

Most decent companies will help by offering disposal services of the old windows, but it’s a good idea to check. I’m definitely not a big fan of having to fiddle around with extra costs or hiring other people to get shot off the old stuff!

Another point I’d like to make is about how, with uPVC window frames in particular, there’s a choice to be made in terms of the finish. Standard white uPVC offers a pristine, clean white look (that I daresay matches my walls), and with high quality windows of this sort you don’t need to worry about the sun discolouring the material over time. Nowadays, they have all sorts of chemicals and treatment techniques to make sure white stays white through the lifespan of the window.

But there’s also the woodgrain finish to think about, and it’s a lovely look I must admit. It bumps up the price by about £10 or £20 or so to use, but it offers a natural and often rustic look to window frames that’s good for country homes or anywhere where furnishings are a little old school.

So easy to get swept away thinking about all this! What tips would you share on replacing windows for style or comfort?

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