How More Than Toast Is Making Money


You might have noticed as of late that there have been a fair few sponsored posts and ads appearing round these here parts. I wanted to hold my hands up to that fact and explain to you why.

It’s always been a bit of an agreement that Will and I have had since Elfie was young that I won’t go back to work. At least, not proper London office-based 12 hour day-type work. Quite simply I couldn’t bear it if something happened to her and I wasn’t nearby, so I need to be around. Now Hux is here I’m finding it more of a struggle to keep up with my home-based freelance projects: I’ve been doing a few but picking and choosing the most interesting ones and nothing that is a big drain on my time or energies. I always thought that I’d be getting on with work when the kids were asleep, but really that’s not hugely achievable.

I’ve been blogging seriously, like at least once a week (ish), for the last 4 years. As my blog has grown it seems that people want to use my platform to promote their stuff, And give me money for it. This was something that freaked me out at first but now it makes me feel like a poor Kim Kardashian. If I can make money for something I love so much it seems like a no-brainer.

So I have to say this works pretty well for me. I see the money I get for my blog as cash for the time I spend doing other stuff: writing things about my family and our lives, web design, maintenance. And of course web hosting and all that stuff doesn’t come cheap. I don’t make a fortune but it means I can pay for our grocery bills, something I’m actually a bit proud of (Will still pays my phone bills, ahem).

One promise I will make is that I will mark every post I’ve been paid for with ‘featured’ or ‘sponsored’, and will never have any ridiculously off-topic posts. And I will keep the ads to a minimum and as unobtrusive as possible. If you don’t like them please just scroll on by, but know it’s keeping Elfie in ham and cucumber sandwiches. And mama in Sauvignon Blanc.

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  1. Beadzoid wrote:

    Good luck to you!

    I know there can be a bit of snobbery about doing sponsored posts or reviews, but I really don’t see why. Not if they are in keeping with your usual content. And having recently started doing them myself I LOVE the creative challenge in being given daft keywords and including them in a fun post you’d have written anyway.

    So yes, why not?

    Posted 2.13.13 Reply
  2. Steph (@imcountingufoz) wrote:

    Hear hear! And why the hell not, I say. I do sponsored posts, but they seem to have dried right up, much to my dismay. Sometimes Mama needs her Sauv Blanc, amiright?!


    Posted 2.13.13 Reply
  3. I say why not too! As a fellow blogger, I know how many hours can end up being put in to a blog and I think that as long as the posts are on-topic and that the amount of sponsored posts don’t outnumber the amount of normal posts than it’s perfectly ok. I’m glad you are getting to make a bit of pocket money so-to-speak from the blog :)

    Posted 2.13.13 Reply
  4. Emma T wrote:

    I think fair enough. It’s your blog, so why shouldn’t you get some benefits other than the pleasure in writing it? Let’s face it, readers can ignore sponsored or paid for posts if they want.

    Posted 2.13.13 Reply
  5. Bex Smith wrote:

    I totally agree with all the above commenters – it is your blog and why shouldn’t you reap the benefits? After all, journalists and freelance writers would be paid for featuring the same information so why should you be expected to do so for free? As Emma says, readers have the option to ignore or read them as they wish.

    Posted 2.13.13 Reply
  6. Lulu wrote:

    Completely agree! I think I am in the same situation as you and I don’t expect I’ll be going back to any full time job for a long while yet, not until our child(ren) are well & truly grown and independent anyway. So I think you should totally get a little bit extra from the blogging.

    You write so well and should be recognised for that, I have all faith that you’ll manage to make the sponsored posts fit seamlessly in with your normal ones anyway.


    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  7. I learned this early on: your blog, your rules! :) Four years already, wow.

    Posted 2.18.13 Reply