balancing privilege with pride

Balancing Privilege With Pride

I am a privileged person. I am white, able-bodied, straight and grew up in a rural area of a first-world country with both parents and access to education. In the lottery of life I am pretty darned lucky with my God-given face-value lot.
But how do I balance this privilege with the pride I have for my achievements?

Slay life coaching and courses - Alice Judge-Talbot - £5k a month

How I Make £5k a Month From My Blog: A FREE Webinar

I’m not telling you how much this website makes monthly to be boastful: on the contrary, I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to talk about this for ages. But I want to share my methods and tricks to making this kind of income online, without having a Zoella-level audience.

Comme glom

Work That Works – Laurie Nichol, Comme Glom

I found out something shocking about one of my friends this weekend.We were out to dinner with our respective partners as a foursome, when conversation turned to a controversial tweet I’d been thinking (and talking) about since…

slay life coaching and courses

Introducing Slay, a Happiness Company

Pretty much all I want is for everyone in the world to be as happy as I was on this sunny London day, having my picture taken, pretending to like cappuccinos because that’s what women in stock images do. 


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