Beauty Pie haircare

Beauty Pie Haircare Has Launched And Predictably, It’s Brilliant

My barnet and I have been through the mill together these last few years, long before Beauty Pie haircare arrived on the scene. It started falling out two and a half years previously – most probably because of an incredibly stressful time – and the experience of losing so much of my hair was, quite frankly, harrowing.

What other people think of me is none of my business

What Other People Think Of Me Is None Of My Business (Repeat Ad Finitum)

“What other people think of me is none of my business” is a mantra I adopted a couple of years ago. I’d been lucky that, in my career of writing a blog and newspaper column, the negativity aimed towards me had been kept to a minimum, but for some reason, as I began being more vocal about my journey out of the doldrums to happiness, the trolls became more vocal, too.

Cat Sims - the Back-Up Plan Podcast

The Back-Up Plan Podcast: Episode Three, Cat Sims

Cat Sims, AKA Not So Smug Now, Is an honest-talking breath of Instagram fresh air whom I’ve admired online for a good long while. Writing about family life with two daughters and a musician husband, Jimmy, since 2014, Cat’s online presence has become a place of support and solidarity for her close-knit community of mothers. 

Horse riding

The Things I Miss About Horses

It might surprise you to know that, when I was a child, I wasn’t much into people. Nope: horses were my thing! I adored those of the large four-legged variety, and anything…

The Pig on the Beach
7 Reasons Summer Is My Favourite Season

Summer has begun! The long days filled with sunshine, time out with the kids, heading off on holidays, a new summer wardrobe, spending time with friends and family… there are so many things to look forward to this summer.