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Home Renovation on a Budget – 5 Useful Tips

Home Renovation on a Budget – 5 Useful Tips

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When you’ve moved into a home that needs a little TLC – or a lot! – then you know that your future weekends are going to be filled with home renovation work. But that’s part and parcel of purchasing a more affordable home. Just like with life, it’s all a trade-off in the end.

It becomes trickier when you are on a tighter budget and need to stick to the more frugal or affordable renovations and home improvements instead of the expansive, budget-breaking ones. To this end, we have 5 useful tips below to give you some ideas about how to proceed.

1.     Change the Boiler When It’s Failing on You

Changing the boiler isn’t something that you should aim to do yourself. It requires a professional technician who’s both qualified and certified to work on boilers like the popular Corgi ones.

Where you can make your life easier though is how you can afford it by helping to spread the cost over a series of years through monthly payments. This makes the four-figure expense of a new boiler manageable and reserves any savings for other home renovations including materials and tools that need to be bought upfront to get started.

New boiler finance and pay monthly approach are beneficial for personal budgeting too. When you know the monthly and total cost of the boiler, it’s easier to plan. Look at the  finance options to see what offers are currently available. They have a wide selection of suitable boilers sourced for the UK market and can arrange a boiler purchase and installation online with a minimum of fuss.

2.     Avoid Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a popular trend at the moment. It’s very sleek, looks great, and is thoroughly modern. The only problem with it is that it’s some of the costliest lighting solutions available for homeowners to install.

Why does it cost so much more?

The recessed feature requires a contractor to create a space to install the lighting fixtures. Therefore, there’s work on the ceiling or back wall to create space to do so. This adds extra labour and time to the fitting of new lighting systems.

Also, it’s far likelier that you need to hire someone in to fit them rather than fitting basic lighting solutions yourself instead.

3.     Spend Twice as Long Budgeting

The trouble with home renovations and even minor changes is that the budget usually runs away with you. This often happens to people who fail to plan well or budget at all.

Don’t be that person!

Instead, choose one area that you wish to renovate and study up. Look at YouTube videos, at instructional articles, and pay special attention to mistakes to avoid. Also, consider the materials used and the tools required. Then see where you can change the materials or think about where you can substitute or trade-off one choice for another. After all, not everything needs to be luxurious.

Once you have carefully figured out all the costs and laid them out, add a generous extra percentage for Murphy’s Law. It doesn’t matter how well you budget, you’ll still forget some things and be faced with surprises too.

4.     Get Reliable Advice First

If you’re inexperienced with home renovations, take advice from people with more experience than you.

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This might be a handyperson or DIY fanatic. It might be a contractor too. See who is willing to give you advice. If it’s a friend, invite them over for a dinner and pre-empt this by saying that you’ll want actionable advice on a planned renovation. That way, they won’t give you a one-sentence answer and know that it’s a fair exchange.

With a contractor, it might be worth paying for a consultation for major areas where you have key decisions to make and you plan to do most of the work yourself. This way, you won’t make a fundamental error in your planning, which you’ll either have to live with or will be expensive to resolve later.

5.     Choose Between High Quality & Speed

Homeowners all want to get everything done at once. This is problematic though because it can lead to a home in utter disarray for many months on end. If you live alone, that might be fine. But if you share with a partner and/or your children, then they won’t necessarily be as tolerant. It’s also a  problem from a money and decision standpoint too.

When there’s only so much budget to go around, the compromises might be too much for you. Instead of the new bathroom tub or shower installation, a lesser quality one that doesn’t meet your approval may be required for a bathroom makeover. However, there is another way.

Spacing out the renovation over a period of years, not a rushed few weeks or months, means the work to be completed in phases. This allows you to invest more in areas that you care more about and delay others to make it all affordable in the end.

Home renovations are a struggle to get through. They don’t always go off as you expect either. Therefore, it pays to plan well, allow extra time, and try to increase your patience to get through it in one piece.

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