Home Made Fish Finger Wraps

One of the struggles I have had with trying to improve my family’s diet is that my kids, they don’t really care about improving our family’s diet. They’re not concerned about squeezing at least two portions of fish into their weekly food roster: they’re fretting mostly about hiding packs of Haribo Starmix in their doll’s house for a sugar-filled midnight feast.

So, with some help from my friends at Fish is the Dish, I’ve had to think of interesting ways to sell the whole increase in Omega-3 to them, particularly to Hux as Elfie already loves everything fish (sushi and smoked salmon are two of her favourites, the little star).

Home Made Fish Finger Wraps Home Made Fish Finger Wraps Home Made Fish Finger Wraps These home made Fish Finger Wraps are one such way.

Though don’t limit yourself to these fish fingers just in the wraps… you can eat them in a sandwich if you prefer. We go with wraps because in our house they’re more fun than sandwiches, and the more fun the food the higher likelihood it will get eaten.

The wraps we had in the photos were shop-bought but we also eat these fish fingers in homemade flatbreads too, mostly at the weekend when I have more than thirty minutes to prepare dinner and can be bothered to play around with dough.

Home Made Fish Finger Wraps Home Made Fish Finger Wraps Home Made Fish Finger Wraps One thing I love about these Fish Finger Wraps is that they are tasty not just for the kids but for me too, so I don’t have to make two meals for both kids and grown-ups. The children eat mayonnaise as a sauce in theirs and I chop some capers, gherkins and parsley up for a quick and easy tartare sauce.

And, lets be honest, who doesn’t like homemade Fish Fingers, whether you’re 8 or 80? I truly believe that ordering a fish finger sandwich on my second date with my boyfriend was a quick way to his heart.

Home Made Fish Finger Wraps Home Made Fish Finger Wraps

These wraps are a great way to get all the goodness into your kids. You’ve obviously got your delicious fish, accompanied by salad. We like lettuce and cucumber, and I add tomatoes to mine, too. Hux likes to deconstruct his (destruct his?) and eat piece-by-piece, and Elfie eats hers all in one go like her mum.

Home Made Fish Finger Wraps Home Made Fish Finger Wraps

What’s the verdict, guys? Two thumbs up!

If this Fish Finger recipe doesn’t float your boat, have a gander at these… there are loads!

Home Made Fish Finger Wraps

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 2 small people


  • 1 Fillet of white fish
  • 150g Panko breadcrumbs
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 tbsp Flour
  • 2 Wraps or flatbreads
  • 2 tbsp Mayonnaise (or tartare sauce)
  • 1 tbsp Flavourless oil, like vegetable
  • Salad, for filling


  1. Start by chopping your fish into fingers, not too large otherwise they won't cook through and the breadcrumbs will brown. Ours are about the width and length of one and a half index fingers. 

  2. Set up your dredging station. You'll need a bowl each of your flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Pop a heavy-bottomed pan on the hob and heat to medium-hot. Add the oil and heat.

  3. Dredge your fish fingers first in flour, then the egg, then cover well in the breadcrumbs (use your fingers to pat them down to get all over them). Pop each fish finger on a plate as you finish. 

  4. When your oil is hot, lay the fish fingers in the pan. Turn them regularly and cook until golden brown all over - don't burn them! 

  5. In a wrap pop either your mayonnaise or tartare sauce and salad filling. Add the fish fingers as soon as they're cooked and enjoy straight away.

Huge thanks to Fish is the Dish for working with MTT (and making us healthier!) 

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