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Holidays: what’s out there?

Holidays: what’s out there?

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There’s nothing us Brits love doing more than going on holiday. That’s just a fact, after all, who doesn’t love jetting off to a new destination where the sun’s shining, the weather’s warm and the thought of the office is firmly behind us for a week or two? The answer; everyone loves it.

However, it was recently found that despite our love of getting away for a bit, most Brits were actually bored of the beach holiday. Once a staple of many households, it may seem alarming that we’d be bored of them, but, too much of the same can get tedious from time to time.

Therefore, below, you’ll discover a list of different holiday types to choose from, helping you to branch out from the beach and try something new on your next holiday.

Package holiday

Ok, so, these are usually associated with the beach, but, a package holiday doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do. Great for families and those looking for a cheap week or two away to help them keep hold of their purse strings, a package holiday can be enjoyed by anyone.

There are various types of package holidays, which include:

  • Self-catering – so you don’t feel like you can’t leave the hotel
  • Bed and breakfast – helping you to get the day off to a good start
  • Half-board – where you have bed, breakfast and another meal
  • All-inclusive – where most meals and drinks are included; ideal if you don’t want to move all week.

18 Hours in Lisbon - Martinhal Chiado

City break

If you want something a little different, a city break is a great idea. With so many cities to choose from, you could opt for one that’s hot, cold or somewhere in-between to perfectly fit your weather preferences. A great reason to pick a city break is if you want to immerse yourself in some culture, with many cities featuring some of the most impressive sights a country has to offer.

Cycling holidays

If you’re looking for something a little slower than a city but not as slow as a beach holiday, cycling holidays could be just what you’re looking for. Allowing you to become one with nature, you’ll be away from the hustle and bustle while getting to look around your destination from a multitude of different angles – while keeping fit too.

Backpacking holiday

Much the same, but different to the above, a backpacking holiday allows you to fully immerse yourself in a country. Take the time to book hostels and small hotels around a country, or two or three, and explore the area with just the bag on your back. Perfect for those who want to see the local side of a country.


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A completely different holiday altogether, a cruise is basically a floating city. Filled with all the restaurants, shops and entertainment you could need while sailing the seas, you’ll also stop off in multiple locations that you can explore. Ideal for those that want to explore multiple places but don’t want to lose too much luxury.

Yoga retreat

If a city break, cruise or package holiday seems too much and all you want to do is get away and completely relax, a yoga retreat is ideal. Great for an individual or a couple, these are designed to help you relax and unwind, completely blocking out the world back home. Many of these even offer digital detoxes, which help you to shut off from the internet, text messages and social media to truly become one with yourself.

As you can see, there are so many holidays out there, if you’re bored of the beach, you’ll find something to get you excited about your holiday again.




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