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HELP! I Think I Might Have To Be A Runner.

HELP! I Think I Might Have To Be A Runner.


As part of my ‘Become A Better Person Campaign 2013’ I have been trying to keep, or should I say GET fit.

There’s been the pancake race (harder than it looks. Bloody hell) that almost made me vomit and coming up I’m planning on a 5k and a 10k. As I was unable to just wing the 400m pancake race I have come to the harHsh realisation that I won’t be able to wing the other distances, either. Which means only one thing: I gotta exercise.


I am literally the least exercise-y person ever. I’ve always been a pretty slim build and was constantly told during my school years that I was built to be a runner. Against my will they would drag me to athletics club and on cross-country runs, and no amount of hiding in the library would get me out of it. They even made me compete on a regional level (100m hurdles, what what) which literally put the fear of god in me. Please make me do anything, ANYTHING in front of an audience, just not run.

Saying that I love dancing and did ballet, tap and contemporary until the age of sixteen and I’m partial to a swim, too. Only problem is there are neither dance classes or a swimming pool in our town and when I go dancing at the wine bar the effects of the wine completely outweigh the fitness benefits.

So, running it is.

The one thing that’s been keeping me going through this period of running self-realisation has been trainer shopping. I was never a fan of trainers until I became a parent and now, I really can’t get enough of them. Love them in all shapes, sizes and colours (though mostly pink Nikes, in all honesty). If you ever wanted to get me a gift this is it. Size 5.5 thanks very much.


Nike Flyknit 1+, £140

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nike1Nike Lunar Forever 3, £70

nike3Nike Free Run 5.0, £80

nike4NikeFree Run 2, £80

All of these badboys can be bought from JD Sports. This post has been written in cahoots with them, which means more towards my pink trainer fund. You will make an athlete of me yet!

I’ve been working through my Couch to 5k app but am still kind of struggling to get my motivation on. Please, if anyone has any magic tips that will make me a runner, send ’em my way.

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  • Sounds stupid but the motivation to get out is the feeling you get from going out. Not sure what your schedule is, but I try to get up at 6am, cycle 20 miles, walk the dog, shower then sit down to work at 9am. On weekdays, I do more before 9am than I do for some entire weekends. But that feeling you get when It’s 9am and you’ve moved around the sun rising, your stomach is empty and you reay know the meaning of the word “breakfast” is the reward for the work you do before. Yes, it’s cold/raining/dark/early (delete as appropriate) but all that does is inflate your sense of achievement. I posted a horrible picture of myself on Instagram about 3 months ago after 20 miles at -6 – looked awful; felt like God.

    Also, finding a partner is good. You’ll be encouraged out of bed/chair/house by not letting them down.

    • Will commented last night “oh, your friend with the beard has commented again. He cycles TWENTY MILES”. Consider him impressed.

      My massive struggle is making that move out of bed. I’m a bit lazy and I like to be warm and soft and cosy more than anything. I have to say that what you’ve written above is quite inspiring, though. I’ll be returning to read this comment on a cold morning when the last thing I want to do is get out of bed.

      • Hah! “Friend with the beard”. I don’t mind being identified like that! Going for 50 on Sunday morning if I can rouse some people to go with.

        My struggle is very similar. When we moved, we bought a new bed with a memory foam mattress and it’s almost impossible to get out of in the morning. Once you’re out, though, the decision is the right one!

        (I made a typo in my above comment. In my defence, I was on a train and my phone. “reay” should be “really”)

          • It’s not too bad, really. There’s a couple of big hills on the route I do, but cycling 50 miles is much, much easier than running 50 (which I have never done, and will never do). As long as you drink and eat enough and pace yourself, pretty much any distance is doable. I’m aiming to hit 100 by the end of the year, but my bike is quite impractical for long distances. It’s fixed gear and it’s designed for velodromes so it’s a bit of a challenge.

            And thank you :)

  • I am so proud of you for starting! And hoping selfishly that I have paid at least a small part in getting you going! Next stop: Milton Keynes 10K! I will get you signing up for the boulder dash too!xxx

  • Love your post. I started running last year after climbing a big mountain in New Zealand and realising how unfit I was! I found it really hard to begin with and the motivation just wasnt there and like you started with the couch to 5k app. I promise you though it suddenly clicks and you’ll want to run in your free time!! I wasn’t built a runner I tried everything to get out of PE at school but now I’ve been caught by the bug. I think it’s also doing things like POP fitness and that Kaisa Larkas Mossop has a lot to answer for :) (in a good motivational way!!). Plus you are doing it for a very good cause win win I’d say :) x

    • AHHH you’ve been concerted by Kaisa, too?! She’s a brilliant motivator! I’m hoping it’ll become a bit easier soon and I’ll look forward to exercising rather than dreading it.

      When do you go to POP? I’ve been twice so far: both times snowy and FREEZING! I will be starting again now it’s a little bit warmer! x

      • Awww, thanks Tanya and Alice!! I never knew you were unfit when you started Tanya! And look where you are now.

        It really is all about getting into the routine, and once you do, you do not want to miss a session!

        And if you do.. well, I know where both of you live!! :)


  • Love this post! Getting into exercise is such a tough thing and i mean more mentally than physically! I started going hard at it around April last year and have managed a 7 stone weight loss so far – I had a lot to lose! – once I got into it though, I 100% caught the bug and hate a day when i don’t have a run. Lits of luck to you. The amazing cause you’re doing it for will give you the motivation!!

    Pink trainers definitely help! I’ve a pair of pink nike Pegasus’ and i liked then so much i got the purple ones too!!xx

  • I don’t really like running, but last year I did the marathon! The feeling of smugness that you can carry all day when you’ve been on a run definitely outweighs the negative points. Also I find listing to the This American Life podcast helpful as it keep distracts me.

    Or if all else fails.. Destiny’s Child – The Writings on the Wall. x

    Good luck!

    • Oh wow – a marathon!

      I was thinking about trying podcasts on my next run as music doesn’t really do it for me… it’ll distract me from the pain! x

    • I used to hate running with an absolute passion! Up until 3 years ago when I had my 3rd child and found it was pretty much the only peace and quiet I got, so it suddenly started to seem pretty appealing! ;) Now I’m hooked and can’t stop signing up to races. Never tried running listening to Podcasts, must try that – especially on the long runs. Thanks Kate!x

  • I started couch to 5k last September – I HATE running but wanted to keep fit without paying for gym membership…be encouraged that you’ll get there!
    I’m only running once a week at the mo, so it’s taking me ages but I’m up to wk 7 of it now and can’t quite believe that I can now run for 20 mins without dying.

    • Well done Jessica! If you don’t want to pay for a gym but want some variety, check out the 10minute workouts on Fitsugar site! I recommend them to my PT clients and friends who are pushed for time :)

  • Oh, and I used to hate running with an absolute passion!! Up until 3 years ago when I had my 3rd child and found it was pretty much the only peace and quiet I got, so it suddenly started to seem pretty appealing! ;)

  • I think you are already a runner, but don’t want to admit it yet. The key is making it a habit. Like any form or exercise or any change to your life, you have to do it for a while to get used to doing it. And then one day you’ll wonder what you ever did before.

    The couch to 5k app is a good way of breaking down the training into manageable chunks. But like the pancake day race got you up and doing something, why not set a real goal? Is there a 5k/10k race you can set your sights on?

    There’s a free 5k parkrun every Saturday morning at 9am (there is one in Milton Keynes) check for details. I can guarantee you’ll get a warm friendly welcome and plenty of encouragement. You may even find other local runners who can join you on a run.

    Good luck! And if you stick to your running plan for 6 weeks, why not treat yourself to the pink trainers?

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