Hello, Number 3

This year, when I found out we were moving house on 16th December, I wanted to make sure I was smart about the whole thing. Despite not having any huge hosting plans over Christmas, the period running up to the festive season was going to be chock-a-block with work, and I knew post-25th I’d want to spend time catching up with writing and getting my bits in order before the children were back. So the move process had to be quick, painless and organized.


The first thing I did was to book the movers. Having moved myself with just a man and van previously I knew I would rather pluck out my eyelashes than worry about any heavy lifting again. And so I booked a full removals service along with partial pack (kitchen only – they weren’t available for a full pack the day before). The extra cash was so worth it; as I’d packed everything up the week before I literally left them to it and ferried my precious bits and pieces (i.e. clothes and beauty products) to the new house in my car while they did all the hard work.

I also booked two cleaners for three hours to clean around the movers as they exited the house; again, so worth it as all I was left worrying about was getting into the new place. Nothing worse than cleaning a dusty cold house that you’re never going to live in again, is there?

My mum unpacking the kitchen on the other end also made a huge difference, she should hire out her organizational skills. The kitchen cupboards are flawless.

hello number 3The night of the move I was still largely in boxes but had unpacked enough to take the children to our new village pub for their end-of-year school social guilt-free.

48 hours later I was done!

hello number 3

hello number 3

At least, in good enough shape for two little people to come back from their daddy’s house and feel instantly at home.

hello number 3 hello number 3

Looking back on these just-moved-in photos, it’s crazy to think how much I’ve done since, and even crazier to think how much there is still to do. I’ve ordered sofas, taken delivery of tables, pinned a great deal and pored over magazines. I’ve had a couple of sale sprees (John Lewis and Made.com, hoorah for your festive discounts) and endured a bank holiday trip to IKEA. I’ve made a list as long as my arm of things still to do – hang pendant lights, order prints, finish tiling (Dad, not me). It’s scary, it’s daunting, it’s exciting.

hello number 3 hello number 3

Having lived in this house for two weeks now, I think my favourite room is the bathroom. I’ve shared a bathroom with the kids for the last three years and having this space separate from them is just glorious: it’s an adult-only room where they’re expressly banned from popping in to poke around my drawers and potions. This, and the glorious walk-in wardrobe next door to it, feels entirely grown-up… a sanctuary.

hello number 3 hello number 3 Something tells me you’ll be hearing a lot more from number 3. From the new velvet sofa I’ve ordered (I know) to organizing my new wardrobe and finding a workspace I can effectively work in – something tells me cosied up in bed looking out to the garden isn’t going to be sustainable – I can’t wait to share with you!

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  1. It looks gorgeous – and an unusual layout – and if that’s a garden office you have at the end of the path than you have achieved one of my dream house dreams!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  2. Mel wrote:

    Well done on on such an efficient move, the place looks stunning for saying you’ve just moved in :O

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

    Posted 1.3.17 Reply
  3. Kelsey wrote:

    Woohoo congrats on the move & so close to Xmas-you miracle worker! It looks gorgeous, I can’t wait to see more!



    Posted 1.5.17 Reply
  4. What a beautiful home – ticks so many boxes on my wish list!

    Posted 1.12.17 Reply
  5. Molly wrote:

    Loving the look of the new house Alice – all that light! Beautiful!

    Posted 1.17.17 Reply