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Having The Courage To Be Yourself

Having The Courage To Be Yourself

Have you ever been afraid of not being noticeable or memorable? A lot of the time people force themselves to try and fit in and are afraid to break out of that to find themselves. It can be hard to get away from that if that’s what you’re used to, but it’s a vital part of being yourself.

Don’t be afraid to break norms

First things first, you need to accept that it’s fine not to fit in, there’s nothing wrong with that and you can own who you are. Start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, start wearing the things you’ve always wanted to wear! It’s okay to be alone in your interests, and it’s completely fine to be unique – so just because no one else is doing it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either! 

Personalize your things

Personalizing the things you own is all about expressing yourself through your belongings, and it can be freeing to show off who you are. Whether it’s private plates on your car, a new custom phone case, a new style of clothing; you should do whatever it is that brings you joy! Be proud of what you like, and like it with confidence!

Be adventurous

If you find yourself alone in your interests and having a hard time motivating yourself to do things alone, keep in mind that sometimes it’s healthy to have solo adventures! Doing things alone means that you get to do things in your own way, handle things the way you would handle them – you might learn a lot about yourself! Go to the movies alone, eat at restaurants by yourself, you don’t need to be tied to someone for these things! If you can learn to enjoy the pleasures in life by yourself, you’ll find yourself a much more confident person at the end of it.

Find yourself

It can take a lot of time to find yourself if you’ve been trying your best to fit in, but it’s time to accept the reality of who you are. Experimenting with what you like is often the best way to do it, learn not to say no to scary opportunities, you can’t know if you like something until you’ve tried it!

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Take up a hobby

A hobby can say a lot about a person, and oftentimes they let you learn a new skill or talent that most other people don’t have! It might not be easy to find one that’s right for you, but it’s never too late to learn something. Take the time to try out different activities, maybe it’s cooking, maybe it’s an instrument, or maybe it’s something completely out of character like rock climbing! The point isn’t to find something that you think looks good on you, it’s finding something that you can be passionate about and pour your creative energy into. 

You’ll find that once you start to be yourself more, life can be a lot more enjoyable, and the pleasure you get all comes from your decisions.


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