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The Happiest of Jumpers

The Happiest of Jumpers

I think now, with the world the way it is, it’s as important as ever to find positivity in the little things. For me since Brexit that’s come in the form of a daily croissant. When the US election kicked off I bought a lot of flowers. And I know my mum takes long baths in Fenjal when times are a bit rough.

It might sound silly but one thing I really take comfort in is little messages of hope – little reminders to keep my chin up. And because I can’t stay glued to a Pinterest board of motivational phrases all day every day, I like a little happy message on my clothes instead. Thinking about how these boost my spirits make me feel a bit like I’ve departed the normal world for la la land, but deciding to choose positivity first thing in the morning really sets the tone for the rest of the day.

The best positive jumpers

“Good Things Will Happen” – Levis via ASOS in the sale at £42. Does what it says on the tin! (Necklace from the gorgeous Rock & Raw

My current favourite sweatshirt to pick up the spirits is this navy blue knitted garment of loveliness from Levis – GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. Because yes they will, they will they will they really will! Even if that good thing is an extra flakey croissant, a quiet ten minutes people watching with a coffee or a face mask in a bath, it’s a step forward to happiness. And I’ll take that!

happy jumpers

I feel similar each time I make the decision to put on something brightly coloured. I’m usually a black/blue/grey jeans-and-jumper girl through and through, and I’m trying really hard to move away from my monochrome safety net because colour is just GLORIOUS isn’t it? At least that was my excuse behind the massively extravagant recent purchase of this 1970 Bella Freud jumper, anyway. Next on my list is the slightly darker yet still as lovely fuzzy rainbow heart jumper. I love it.

man drought

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Tell me: what do you wear to bring you that little lift of happiness?

Other ideas: this love sweater from Hush | THE FUTURE IS FEMALE (on back order, I can’t wait to get mine) | Girl Power and Work Hard/Play Hard t’s from Tease and Totes | BRAVE sweatshirt, Gray by Southwood Stores | Sparkles sweater from The fmly store | Life Is Tricky Baby, Hold on To Your Magic (I adore this – it’s on its way)

Top images taken by SarahLou Francis. Bottom by Elfie!

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  • The Selfish Mother tops are perfect for this. I have the supersoft FMLY one – next on the list, probably Winging It. Please Santa!

    REALLY, really want that Levis jumper… can I ask what size you got? Asos only have an S left but not sure if it will be big enough…

  • I am head over heels with the Bella Freud 1970 jumper – I don’t think i’d ever take it off! And you’re so right – you have to look for the positives when things are dark and dismal because, what’s the alternative?

  • Well firstly, you look STUNNING in this post :) I love that good things will happen jumper. I love to buy myself flowers too and try and make my home feel as calming as i can. Baths are also good :) I love lots of bubbles and a calming spotify playlist on. Oh, and chocolate :)

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