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Happy Freaking Mother’s Day

Happy Freaking Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day has become one of THOSE times. Like Christmas and my Wedding Anniversary, it’s a day that doesn’t make me regret the twists and turns in my life but instead wonder, how did that happen? How did I end up here?

Sometimes I still feel like I am living a dream. The single life, though a year old, it is really quite new. There is still novelty to be found in the dating, in the independence of being in charge of every aspect of my and my kid’s lives. But this is not what I expected at this time in my life and that part of it is still difficult to comprehend. I’m happy this way but it still feels weird, foreign.

Mother’s day used to mean a day of treats. A lie-in and a cup of tea, flowers, breakfast in bed and a lazy shower (ALONE). Lunch out, gifts, a time to bask in the glory of raising such a delightful little family. Time with my own mum, maybe a take-away in the evening following a glass of wine while someone else deals with the cacophony that is bath and bed time.

Wine in the garden

But now it’s just an ordinary day with added crafts. Elfie has made me two Mother’s Day cards at pre-school, the first has a hand-drawn octopus on the front and was given to me on Friday and the second we hid under her bed together ready for her to give to me in the morning. I’m hoping Hux will treat me by not removing his pants and nappy and peeing on his bed before I get to him. It’s good to aim high, right?

Luckily I have a friend whose fiance is working away this weekend (though I’m sure it wasn’t that lucky for him when she found out) so we’re going out for a big breakfast with the kids and being lone mothers together. I plan on throwing caution to the paleo-based wind and having a huge feast of American waffles and bacon See? Not even going to miss the breakfast in bed thing at all… screw you, Marmite on toast.

I hope this isn’t coming across as all woe is me – I promise that’s not how I feel (much…). I’m just annoyed that the one person whose job it is to make my children feel thankful for such a brilliant mum (that’s me ;) isn’t around to praise me to the ends of the earth and lets face it, I’m going to miss the gifts.

So to all my single mothers out there: Isra, Charlotte, DawnCoralie… this one’s for you. I see you getting up early, dealing with sick kids on your own, managing the process that is feeding, bathing and then putting a toddler into bed. I know how hard you all work to keep tummies full and roofs overhead, juggling finances and pulling ridiculous hours to make a one salary (or part-time salary) work. I also see how happy and loved your children are, how they want for nothing, and how all this hard work is worth it.

You (we) are rocking it, and even though our kids aren’t old enough to understand Mother’s Day yet, they know we’re rocking it too. I will toast to you all with an extra big glass of wine after yet another messy bath time and I will think, who needs men anyway?

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  • Happy mother’s day Alice! From the window you provide into your life I’d say you are doing an amazing job…my daughter woke me up this morning by saying ‘happy mummy’s day…you are ok!’ With immense pride on her face! X

  • Happy mother’s day you wonderful lady! The longer I do this mum thing the more passionately I respect single mothers. There are several women in my life who are doing parenting singlehandedly and I’m in awe of them. You’re doing an incredible job with your babies and your blog. Enjoy those waffles! Xx

  • Is it wrong that there was a little sigh of relief reading this?
    Because blimey I found Mothers day hard.
    And while I would not wish the journey of single-mum-hood on anyone unnecessarily it helps to know that I wasn’t alone in being a bit fed up yesterday.
    Chin up x

  • I am a new mom to a 13 week old baby girl. A new single mom. I am looking forward to Mother’s Day, because after a very long 6 year struggle I am finally a mom……but, I can’t help but think, what will be different about it? Think I’m going to treat myself to a gift and sign my daughters name. That counts right?

  • *raises a glass to you* I did several years as a single mum before embarking on the whole ‘blended family’ thing, and it is hard sometimes, but also has bonuses at others……like never again having to spend Mother’s Day with my dragon of an ex mother in law for example!

  • I’m a little delayed in commenting, but I am so hoping that your day absolutely rocked, whether with a little or no following of the Paleo. p.s loved reading this :)

  • Yhe more I read of it the more I think it is a very bizarre day. I always find it hard being without my mum now, so my full sympathies go to anyone for whom the day is not quite what it says on the tin. Hope you had a fab brekkie, that sounds lush – did you go for waffles?

  • Beautiful post Alice, you have totally earned that amazing breakfast – hope you enjoyed it and that things start to feel a little less weird over the next year xx

  • Oh Al!

    I’ve only just caught up with this. Funnily enough, Bill has been really poorly these past few days and we’ve even had to be on meningitis watch. He’s fine, thank God. But I’ve found it hard. I’ve struggled. And sometimes I think – I’m failing. And no one did get me a gift – of course they didn’t. He’s note even two for Christ’s sake. But I spent a wonderful Mother’s Day with my son. And we both had fun, ate well and survived it. And I realise that I’m not just surviving motherhood. I’m winning at it. And so are you. xxx

  • Sorry I’m late on the Happy Mother’s Day! Your post got my eyes a little watery! I really empathise with you… and I only have one to look after. Toast to us! You’re doing a grand job. xx

  • Well done Alice! Lots of us single mums out here, and so much to be proud of because it can be really hard work. I hope that glass of wine was fabulous xx

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