Happy First Birthday, Elfie!

I can’t quite believe my little girl is ONE today.

This time last year I was being wheeled into an operating theatre (OK, that’s a lie, I think I walked…) in a hospital in Nottingham, not worried about anything other than how I couldn’t wait to be not nil by mouth any more and whether or not the doctor would remembe rmy local anaesthetic before my spinal block. And then my beautiful upside-down baby was born feet-first.

It has been a bit of a year.

We had a baby, moved cities, I handed my notice in at work, we started three businesses, spent the most hellish two weeks with Elfie in hospital (thanking our lucky stars all three of us made it out alive)… the year was big.

We will be having a lovely day tomorrow – just the three of us – followed by a big family party on Sunday (for which I may or may not have spent a fortune on the Party Pieces website – I blame you Notes and now I know why the Middletons are so freaking rich).

And we have never been more in love with this little person. Elfie – you are our lives – we can’t wait to celebrate so many more birthdays.

  1. Aw Happy Birthday Elfie!

    Well done you on a momentous year and best wishes for many many more fabulous birthdays

    I hope you’re having a celebration of your first year as parents too

    1. When I first read your comment I thought ‘aww’ but then I just re-read the blog post again and made myself cry x

  2. Happy Birthday (for yesterday) Elfie! Gorgeous photos! And congrats to you for making it through the first year!
    Hope she has a fab first Birthday party on Saturday x

  3. What a beautiful post and amazing set of photograps too. Belated Happy Birthday Elfie, hope tomorrow’s party is a roaring success! X

  4. This post just properly warmed my heart. I know I’ve said so before but I LOVE her name and I love her little face! Happy birthday, Elfie.

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