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Grass Seeds Perfect for the Lawn at Home

Keeping your lawn looking good takes a bit of work, but, it is certainly worth doing. A nice lawn is a great way to lift the look of your property and provide your family with a nice space to relax and play.

Re-seeding your lawn each year is an essential job. It improves the density of your lawn and stops bald patches from developing.

Buy your grass seed online

Buying your grass seed online makes it easy for you to shop around and find the best deal. You can buy most varieties here. But there are a few things you need to understand and bear in mind when choosing which type of grass seed to buy.

Not all grass is the same

The first thing to understand is that not all grass is created equal. Like most things in life, some varieties are better than others.

Owners of sports fields, hotels and golf clubs know this. That is why they always seek out the best quality grass seed. The owners of these properties are prepared to pay more, so they can create a robust, good-looking lawn, one that will withstand heavy use.

If you are serious about creating a lush, green lawn, it makes sense for you to also invest in the more expensive varieties of grass seeds. You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune. It is perfectly OK to mix several different seeds together to create your lawn. So, if you want to, you can mix expensive and cheap grass seeds together.

The condition of your soil

Some grass likes alkaline conditions, whilst other varieties will only thrive in an acidic soil. You can easily find out what type of soil you have by buying a testing kit.


You also need to think about how quickly your soil drains. If your garden tends to get waterlogged, you need to choose a variety that can cope with these conditions.


If you have a tree that casts a long shadow, in your garden, you will need to plant grass that can thrive in a shaded position. In some cases, it will be necessary to plant different types of grass in various areas of your garden.

Extremes of temperature

Most grasses cope well with heat. But, if you live in a place where extreme temperatures are normal, you will need to bear this in mind when choosing which variety you buy.

The availability of water

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Some types of grass cope fairly well with drought. If you live somewhere that regularly suffers from a lack of rainfall, buy the type that is drought resistant.


Some people really enjoy cutting their lawn and taking care of it. Others find it hard work. If you fall into the latter category opt for a variety of grass that does not grow very fast or require a lot of watering. Doing this should reduce the number of times you have to cut your grass.

Family allergies

If a member of your family suffers from hay fever, plant runner style grasses. These varieties do not produce seeds, so are far less likely to cause allergy symptoms. You can easily find out about these varieties, online.




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