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I have made my career in working with computers for a reason. Computers, and the internet, are predictable. You do A using method B and get the result of C. There are very rarely any problems, and if there are Google always has the answer.

Parenting is totally different. If you do the bath, baby massage, book and quiet time it does not necessarily mean Elfie will sleep. More often than not she will end up downstairs with us wide awake, and then we have to do a few relay runs up and down the stairs to switch on lullabies and pick up dummies before sleep arrives.

And then, one night, BOOM. She will go down straight to sleep after her bath and we think we’ve cracked it. We can cook properly, drink wine and watch crap TV. Blissful.

Until the next evening, when she’ll be up again, wide awake and wanting to be entertained.

There is no answer for this on Google… argh!

Originally posted on my mumplusone blog.

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  1. Metropolitan Mum wrote:

    It is – it's called time :)
    Don't worry, with time she'll get the hang of it. I remember the days when dinner as just served and the waaah waaah waaah would begin again. xx

    Posted 9.5.10 Reply
    • aliceharold wrote:

      Ah, you see I forget this! If I think back to how she was even just a month ago it's amazing to see how much she has improved. x

      Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  2. Totally agree with Metropolitan Mum – time! I still have the odd rare occasion with Oli where he wakes up and refuses to go back to sleep , I have to entertain him for half hour usually by sticking some cartoons on (I think TV is perfectly acceptable at silly o'clock!) and then he goes straight back to bed. Someone said I was crazy and should just leave him but I would rather have him happy for half hour and then go straight back off to sleep then screaming and crying for a hour non stop! :)

    Posted 9.6.10 Reply
    • aliceharold wrote:

      We did try leaving Elfie to cry a couple of times as read in Gina Ford but it truly was heartbreaking, I want her to know that her mummy and daddy will go to her if she is upset!! I caught Elfie watching the Simpsons with her daddy a couple of days ago, I think she may be a cartoon fan already ;)

      Posted 9.8.10 Reply
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