Goodbye, Number 4

Moving house is never easy. Particularly when you haven’t done it in three years, spent all that time accumulating a whole heap of rubbish and have deadlines to meet all around your moving date of 9 days before Christmas.

Genius, Alice.

It was actually quite a difficult process, moving out: that lovely little house was the first place we lived as a family of three and as such was so special to us. We were really happy there – safe, warm, close to Waitrose. What more could you want? It saw us through a lot of happy times and a couple of sad ones, and we came out the other end a strong, loving threesome.

I was going to talk about all the times we’d had in that house, how it helped define us all and the family we are now. But instead I thought I’d take a look back through the archives at the progression of the house from a 2 bedroom semi-detatched Milton Keynes box to our beautiful family home.

I Moved House and It Was Hard


It’s crazy to look back on when I first moved into my old place as a penniless single parent. I did most of the move myself with the help of my dad and a man & van and the whole process was TOUGH. The house looked completely different back then: the furniture from my old married life was too big for the house and in hindsight such a lot of wood and pattern feels quite oppressive. My aesthetic has definitely changed since then!

This time I moved with the help of actual removal men who packed most of the house for me and I had a team of cleaners helping scrub the old place as I moved out. The difference to my stress levels were insane.

Home Is Where The Heart Is


The time I looked back on spending a whole year in my little six month-stopgap house. Who knew two years later I’d still be loving it? Mentioning Waitrose again… it’s obviously a theme.

A Small Lounge Makeover


I began to see the benefit in lighter, brighter furniture, and get rid of  some of the crazy patterns we had going on in our living space. And my first grown-up furniture purchase: a bloody gorgeous chair from that I love to the ends of the earth (I’m still working on the minimalism thing, though. I WILL conquer it).


Starting on the Live LAGOM project with IKEA! This was such a wonderful and enlightening project and I used the process to totally streamline both the house and my super-scary Monica cupboard. Eek.

Making The Small Space Bigger

I stopped fighting my tiny house and started trying to figure out ways to make the space work better for us. The result? A gorgeously cosy home that worked around our needs and ways of living.

The One Secret to a Peaceful Bedroom

I took inspiration from my favourite hotel bedrooms to create my own oasis at home. I haven’t had a bad night’s sleep since ;)


There’ll be LOADS more of the new house to come – follow along on Instagram if you haven’t already! I can’t wait to let you inside our new home.

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  1. lauranne wrote:

    Do you rent yourself out to help turn small spaces into a working space? I just look around my house and see clutter, then when I try to tidy up I go too minimalistic and it lasts for all of 2 seconds! I’m currently eyeing up the holder you have next to your microwave, with the knives and scissors in. What is it? I want one!

    Posted 12.21.16 Reply
  2. What a stunning new house!! Hope you all settle in well, it’s such a homely space already x Lotte (

    Posted 12.23.16 Reply