School Uniform Time

Nothing makes me feel more like a mum than the yearly school uniform shop.

I think this is because I remember it so well from my own school days: my mum would always buy our uniforms slightly too big (we were a blazer-wearing school and those things were expensive) and one of my clearest memories from that time is slopping round in a massive blazer for the entirety of year 9, hoping my shoulders and boobs would grow at least a little bit to fill out the gaping lapels.

good value school uniform good value school uniform good value school uniform

They did, but not til year 11 ;)

I have most definitely inherited the ‘buy-bigger-lasts-longer’ gene from my mum and seem physically incapable to buy a school uniform unless it’s at least one size larger than my children: they wear their school uniforms so much and so hard (they’re always coming home covered in pasta sauce/mud/paint stains) that I want to make the experience of shopping for them as good value as possible.

Having spent the first couple of years of my career as school mum bankrupting myself in the name of pinafores and white shirts, this year Pep & Co asked me to take a look at their much better value proposition. They’ve just announced their biggest ever school range yet, and with the possibility to buy an entire uniform for as little as £5.50, it means you can spend your money on much more exciting  things.

Though as a mum that probably means splashing out on softplay twice a month, rather than once ;) Yay!

good value school uniform good value school uniform

Pep & Co sent us some of their school uniforms to try ready for the new term, and I don’t know about your kids but mine go weak at the knees with the excitement of their new school wear. Their reaction is akin to mine if you’d presented me with a new pair of Jimmy Choos.

The weirdos.

good value school uniform good value school uniform good value school uniform good value school uniform

We were sent from Pep & Co their jersey jumper (£2) (so soft and comfy), trousers (£3) and a white cotton polo shirt (only £1!) for Hux, and Elfie had the more grown-up girl’s shirt (£1.75) to wear with a skirt (£2.50) and cardie (£4).

As you can see they were both delighted with their new school outfits. All items feel good-quality, with some Teflon-treated so you know they’ll last even if you have the most hard-wearing and scrappy of children, just like mine. The range starts at age 3 going all the way up to 12, with uniforms, sports kits, underwear and stationary on offer.

And to satisfy the mum inside of me, all are generously sized so you know they’ll last a good couple of years.

good value school uniform good value school uniform

Any excuse to take some photos of these gorgeous two. It seems only yesterday they were babies and now they’re on their second and fourth year of school. How on earth does time fly!

The school uniforms are available in 289 Pep &Co stores including lines within selected Poundland stores.  For your nearest store check the locator here

Huge thanks to Pep & Co for working with MTT.

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  1. These photos are absolutely adorable – your kids are lovely! I had to wear this fairly awful school uniform that relied heavily on the colour lilac (!), so I think your two have gotten a pretty sweet deal with white, red, and grey…

    Posted 8.15.17 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Thanks Hannah!!
      Lilac is an interesting look for school uniform ;) We had stripey blue shirts and all I remember about them was that they made your eyes go all cross eyed and funny when sitting behind someone in an exam hall!

      Posted 8.16.17 Reply
  2. paula wrote:

    keen to know – any figs on that gorgeous specimen of a back drop?
    lovely pics. wish this way to shop was available when mine were at primary, a totally different animal once secondary school hits!

    Posted 8.16.17 Reply
  3. Gail wrote:

    Lovely photos – your kids certainly look happy with their new uniforms! x

    Posted 8.16.17 Reply