8 Reasons To Go On A Ski Holiday

Although it was January when we were away on our ski holiday to Tignes with Mark Warner, the memories we created on that trip are still fresh as, well, the driven snow. Despite none of us being particularly competent skiiers and though the trip was hard work in parts, deciding to go on a ski holiday was seriously one of the best experiences we’ve done as a family.

Well worth the expense, I’d say.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a similar adventure with your brood, take a look at my top reasons for taking your family on a ski holiday. You won’t regret it, I promise…

go on a ski holiday

Go On a Ski Holiday

1. To learn respect and discipline
Much like when you go on adventures that involve the sea, sometimes nature is just bigger than you. Mountains can quite obviously be very dangerous places, and it’s important to respect the boundaries of your surroundings. Nobody wants to topple 3,400 metres down the side of a mountain, after all. Skiing teaches you to respect these limitations and boundaries, while having fun at the same time.

2. Because mountains are incredible
Once you’re sure you won’t be falling off the side of one, mountains are incredibly awe-inspiring. There’s something different about the air and the atmosphere up there; it’s incredibly peaceful and of course is an absolute feast for the eyes.

go on a ski holiday

3. For the new wardrobe of cold-weather gear
Let’s be honest, it took me weeks to pack to go on a ski holiday, and even then I didn’t get it quite right. I’ll be outlining exactly all the bits and pieces I bought for the holiday in my next post (and next time I’ll be purchasing compression bags for packing clothes so we’re not stuck with five suitcases!), though I had an absolute ball choosing snow sports gear for Elfie and Hux.

4. To make new friends
Both the children and I made a host of new friends at our hotel, the Mark Warner Chalet Hotel L’Ecrin in Tignes. There was a real mix of people staying with us, from proper hardcore snowsport lovers to more fairweather skiiers like me, and it was a pleasure for us to get to know them all.

5. Because snow is awesome
It just is though, isn’t it? Hux particularly loved it (snowball fights for DAYS), though only until his hands went numb… he was not a fan of the ski gloves I carefully chose for him. We were based in Tignes where its elevated position pretty much guarantees solid all-season snow, and I hear Meribel (online at Skibasics) is a comparatively beautiful and snowy resort, too.

go on a ski holiday

6. For the physical benefits
My goodness, you will feel a day’s skiing on your thighs, in your arms… everywhere. It’s a really wonderful sport for all-over fitness and cardio and you’ll definitely deserve that aprés-ski after a day working hard on the slopes.

7. For the Aprés-Ski
Speaking of which, the aprés-ski is definitely an attraction in itself when you go on a ski holiday. I’m not just talking booze here, but massages, hot swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, firesides. All of these activities lend themselves perfectly to relaxation!

8. To see more of the world
There are slopes everywhere. I’ve skiied in France and Austria (and Birmingham, Milton Keynes and Hemel Hempstead ;), and I now have a list as long as my arm of slopes I’d like to visit. Canada, Utah, New York, Italy, Poland… I’ll spend a lifetime ticking them off.

Would you consider a ski holiday with the family?

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      bit rude. It’s a great post and I’m not sure you’re owed anything… it’s Alice’s blog to do with as she wishes.

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