Gift Ideas: My Favourite Necklaces

L-R: Pipe Dreams, Lazy Giraffe, Molly Brown London, Paper and Chain

I am a big necklace fan. By which I mean I LOVE necklaces, and also like BIG necklaces. But as statement neckwear is not very appropriate when you’re in possession of a chest-headbutting baby who doesn’t have control of their own neck I’ve had to re-think my jewellery choices, as much as I’d like a gold getname necklace. And since I’ve said goodbye to big bib necklaces I’ve enjoyed shopping around for more dainty alternatives.

As it’s the season of goodwill (bah humbug) I thought I’d share my most recent finds: you can’t go wrong with a classic bit of jewellery when you’re considering Christmas Gifts and I’d be really happy with anyone who’d like to buy me these necklaces. Again. Plus they are made by some of my favourite people on the internet! Win/win.



When I went back to work in London for a short time 6 months after Elfie was born I wanted her to know that I was thinking of her, even when I wasn’t there. So I bought an ‘E’ charm necklace and religiously wore it, and of course I had to do the same for Hux; that’s when I came across this gorgeous chunky Molly Brown Alphabet necklace (above). Namechecked by Tess Daley and BNTM so you know they’re good, I love to wear my H and my E together. And I’m sure even though neither of my babies can yet string a sentence together they’re thankful of the gesture! Molly Brown are on Twitter and also do a sweet collection that was called ‘Tiffany for Girls’ by Vogue. Impressive.



I was lucky enough to work with Nicole Kai in my former life at Vice Magazine in her first job fresh off the plane from Canada. I like to say I was responsible for her big break but she’s pretty awesome so would have made it big without me, I’m sure. Anyway, Marketing-Assistant-turned-Jewellery-Designer Nicole recently launched her ‘Pipe Dreams’ Collection, inspired by “the unintended appeal of common hardware pipe fittings”. My favourite of hers is this gorgeous triangle pipe necklace (above), the nicest bit of plumbing I’ve ever seen. See more of her gorgeous work at or like her on Facebook.

Ismay Ozga is both a long-term Twitter friend and long-term talented jewellery designer. I love that she hails from my home county of Worcestershire and I seriously adore everything that her and her partner in Paper and Chain, Naomi, produce. Their new collection ‘Auxo‘ has just been released and I can’t get enough of this pink necklace that has been made with a string of vintage sequins (above). In fact if Will is reading, please take note: Hex Trio necklace in brass, Vega ring in brass and Solitaire necklace in silver ;). I’m chuffed that Paper and Chain is now stocked locally in my friend‘s shop, so do check out the collection in person if you are local.



Another long-term Twitter friend is Deepa, AKA Lazy Giraffe, and she specialises in the daintiest of jewellery like my full circle necklace (above – which I’ve just noticed is now in the sale!). She also does a great line in pearl-based wedding jewellery and my personal favourite  are her thin textured and smooth stacking rings (WILL! Are you there?! Size L, FYI). Everything she makes is handmade to order which is awesome and I imagine her in her studio with a tiny hammer banging out a load of gold and silver. That’s how it works, right?

Go on – show me your favourite jewellery. I definitely need more!

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  1. I’m a bit obsessed with necklaces too. Love all of these ones, and like that you wear some together.

    I’ve just discovered Nylon Sky through a colleague at Look and their pieces look fab:

    And you can’t beat a bit of Alex Monroe…

    Posted 11.29.12 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Nylon Sky is GORGEOUS! Which means it’s dangerous…

      Posted 11.30.12 Reply
  2. josie wrote:

    I have a Paper & Chain bracelet. I also love all of these necklaces of yours and I too have a necklace fetish. Well not really a fetish because there’s nothing sexual about it, I just love ’em. Used to be all about the big statement necklaces. Now all about little dainty ones. Although Amelie’s chubby fingers threaten to ruin most of them. Etsy and Urban Outfitters are my current faves although now I’m going to have to check out these others you mention which means I’ll probably buy myself another early Christmas present. Being a stay at home mama leaves way too much time to do online shopping.

    Posted 11.29.12 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Oooh Urban outfitters, always love their stuff. That’s one of the good things about not living in London anymore: I can’t go to their shops. And I stay far away from their website (apart from at Christmas time).

      Totally agree re: online shopping, I seem to do loads in the middle of the night!

      Posted 11.30.12 Reply
  3. Tori wrote:

    Check out Maybe a Vole in Dalston next time you are in London – great art pieces and unusual jewellery.

    Posted 12.1.12 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      I will – thanks for the heads up x

      Posted 12.2.12 Reply
  4. I may have wee-ed a little bit with excitement of those.

    I am so uncool.

    Posted 12.1.12 Reply
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