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Vaginas, The #GetComfortable Campaign, and WIN a £50 John Lewis Voucher

Vaginas, The #GetComfortable Campaign, and WIN a £50 John Lewis Voucher

We all know that I don’t mind talking about things that might be seen as slightly risqué. Sex, bladders… none of it is off-the-table. As far as I’m concerned, we all have bodies: why not discuss them? Life is confusing enough without having to feel shy about bodily functions that are completely normal.

Thrush is one of these things that happens to almost all of us: three quarters of women will experience thrush at some point in their lives. I still remember the first time I had it; I rushed to the doctors terribly embarrassed thinking there was something awfully wrong with me. I yakked at speed to the doctor for about 15 minutes, describing my symptoms in minute detail, convinced bad news was to come. She just patted me on the arm and said a simple “sounds like a little case of thrush, dear”. Oops.

It’s important for us to know our bodies and be as educated as we can be about feminine health. Because of this Canesten have launched the #GetComfortable campaign, with the aim of encouraging us to lose our embarrassment over simple health questions or issues. I’m really delighted to support this campaign; 50% of us have vaginas so why not embrace them (not literally, that’s another blog post all together…).

To be fair, I come from a place of ex-embarrassment: I’d get changed under my towel at the gym, would leave my pants on when I got a bikini line wax and generally did not enjoy referring to that part of me. But then I had kids, and once a woman you don’t know has had her whole fist inside you (cervical sweeps for the win!!) this kind of thing stops bothering you. I’ve seen first-hand how important our intimate health is and, more crucially, why it’s essential that we are open about it.

Canesten has created a fantastic website with a wealth of knowledge on these important intimate health issues that will give you some pointers if you think something’s up down there. And my advice is simple: almost everyone goes through something icky at least once in their lifetime (with me it’s every time I take antibiotics, yeehah) and when you see your pharmacist/GP remember this is a conversation they have every single day. So there’s really no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

To celebrate our vaginas I’m really happy to offer a £50 voucher to my favourite place – John Lewis! Just enter using the handy rafflecopter widegt below, and for a bonus entry let me know one time you were needlessly embarrassed… Good luck!!

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Terms and Conditions: Competition closes at 12.00am (midnight) GMT on 2nd January 2016. Entries received after this time and date will not count. UK residents only. Entrants must be 18 +. Winner will be selected at random after the closing date and will be notified within 3 days of competition end. Only entrants received via the Rafflecopter widget will be considered valid. Alice Judge-Talbot is responsible for delivery of the prize, a £50 voucher to John Lewis/Waitrose.

Thank you to Canesten for supporting MTT!

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  • this is embarrassing in just a silly childish way. at the time i was embarrassed but was also crying laughing so obviously wasn’t that bad!

    when i was little i was playing with my sister, we were sticking apple stickers all over our faces. after a while we wanted to go to the shop which was at the other end of our village (so cars etc passed by on the way) ..anyway, long story short i went all that way ..AND my sister didn’t tell me that i had the stickers all over my face still! i had somehow totally forgotten they were there.

    the man in the shop was trying not to laugh and i couldn’t figure out why …until i saw my face reflected in the window! i burst into laughter, blushed loads and ran out of the shop. as i was walking back home i was thinking of all the people that saw me like that and it just made me laugh more and more. ha!

    • ha i totally misread the comment thing and thought you meant any embarrassing thing! whoops! well, know you know a funny childhood memory of mine anyway ;)

  • Feeling I ought to make conversation when visiting the gynaecologist, and not knowing quite what to say, something possessed me to say “I thought my father had a rotten job with his hands in people’s mouths all day”… not sure where it came from but I’d love the ground to have swallowed me up!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fab giveaway, thank you :) x

  • my mum had never flown before,so for my 30th birthday,she decided to go to Portugal with,as we were waiting for our luggage,she had this puzzled look on her face,she then piped up,”why’s the luggage,taking so long,surely it would be here by now,seeing it flew over on the plane before us”??? a bloke had heard what she said,and was laughing hysterically,i on the other had,was in complete shock,that i couldn’t speak to my mum,till we arrived at hotel x

  • Trying to use a Burger King money off voucher in McDonald’s by accident and having to be told by a young girl working there. Told her I should have gone to Specsavers!

  • I was in choir in school once and I was going up to do a solo. My shoes were slippery and I ended up falling—in a very short, short mini skirt and everything showed! =-o I was so horrified and didn’t want to go to school for weeks, but I had too lol

  • i used to find it really embarrasing going for a smear as the nurse had known me since i was a kid and always used to point out i remember you when u were roller booting around its not what i really needed to hear

  • When I was at primary school, I tripped over during our school nativity – I was a star and leading the shepherds to the stable. The star came off the stick I was carry and I cried! I was only 5. I don’t recall it happening but my parents do.

  • On the way to work recently was walking passed a lorry and it had been raining that bad it soaked me through I was so wet I had to go home

  • Has to be running for a bus in the snow and falling over on the ice, doing a great ‘spider dance’ and then sliding near enough into the bus stop a few years back! Although the bus did atleast stop for me.. I didn’t look up until I eventually got off the bus!

  • i work in a hospital and it was only last week i was bursting to go for a wee i forgot to lock the door and as i was lowering myself on to the toilet seat the door bursts open and i walks one of the doctors how embarassing ,
    i always tripple check ive locked the door

  • when i was little i was walking down a muddy slope in white jeans and slipped all mud was over my bum area was quite embarrassing

  • Where to start ha ha!! My oldest embarrassing story was when i was at school, i was walking along the school path on the way there when my knickers fell out of my trousers from the day before!! Mortifying for a teenager!!

  • Walking through a department store with my son and he decided to shake hands with a mannequin and the head fell off! I was embarrassed, but he thought it was very funny.

  • I was drunk and my friend was giving me a piggy back as I could not walk very well and I wet myself on my friends back!

  • Possibly dancing on a table at a christmas party and turning up at work the next day and everyone was watching it back! eek

  • Took my two young sons on london eye, as we where entering my then five year old said .. i hope there no bombs on board., the b word echoed in my ears as looked at 11 wide eyed people in cube we where rding in., worst was still come when youngst son peed on the leather seats of our chauffered car home ..

  • Just before i started the change i worked in a call centre and of course you are stuck on your chairs for hours taking calls and when you pay a visit its all monitored ( call stats) well i was having a very heavy month and by the time i got off a call i had leaked all the way through and on to the office chair ( blue) that i was using . I was sitting between 2 chaps at the time so was very embarrassed. I will say i ended up in hospital due to my bleed being so heavy and they were so nice to me when ii came back to work a week later.

  • A really HOT guy in a convertible stopped his car to let me cross the road at a zebra crossing, thought I’d walk across with some sass but nope, fell face first right in front of his car onto the road. Managed to pick myself up and carry on walking without looking back! :)

  • Tripped over a step and fell flat on my face in front of queue of people at the cinema. Was really embarrassing, plus I and spilled all of my popcorn ):

  • Watching a show & being pulled up on stage to be laughed at wasn’t fun or funny for me at all, I was mortified – my husband & kids thought it hilarious

  • saying the durex puppy in the middle of a crowded cafe instead of dulux puppy – I’ll never live it down in my head!

  • I was at a travelling circus in the audience and they asked for volunteers, I put my hand up I thought maybe I would get to put my head in a lions mouth, no such luck. They stuck me on a horse attached to a safety harness and the horse buckerooed around the ring with me hanging on for dear life. I managed to stay on which wasn’t part of the act so circus performers were trying to pull me off by pulling on the safety rope. Eventually I was pulled up into the air and I floated around putting my hend to my head like Fred Scuttle out of Benny Hill. The audience thought it was hilarious and many thought I was a plant. I will never forget it!

  • A few years ago I fell over on black ice right in front of a group of teenagers. They did come and offer help at least, while trying to hide their laughter. It was funny because I made such a dramatic job of it, legs flew right up in the air. Lucky I didn’t suffer anything worse than a bruised bum and fractured pride really.

  • I have a 3 year old boy who comes everywhere with me…..including the toilet. On one such occasion recently he asked me why I had a safety harness rope hanging from my front bottom! How do you explain that to a 3 year old ????????

  • When i was in junior school i accidentally dropped a clean unopened sanitary towel from my pocket onto the floor in front of everyone! I still remember the shocked look on thier faces! It may not seem much but at such an age it was really embarrassing! X

  • I grabbed my purse out of my handbag and a sanitary towel fell out onto the floor, I was right in the middle of my workplace canteen and my boss was about two feet away from me, It was one of the most horrendously awkward moments of my life,

  • When I was a teenager, a sanitary towel fell out of my knickers when I climbed onto the school bus, I was mortified although luckily it was clean. It remained a conversation point for years for some bitchy girls

  • I got a new job in London, and on my first day I wanted to look really smart and get there nice and early. I wasn’t used to using the tube so when I got to the station in the morning and saw a train on the platform, I ran to get on it as I didn’t realise they ran every two minutes. Unfortunately I wasn’t used to running in my brand new shoes, so as I reached the train I fell face first into the carriage. Whilst doing this I ripped my tights and grazed both my knees. I got up, bright red and close to tears and say down, knowing the entire train was looking at me. When I got into work, let’s just say, I did not make a good first impression!

  • The trying to pee in one of those tiny sample containers at the doctors toilets and accidently getting urine all over the floor and having to explain to the nurse I had made a mess.

  • My embarrassing moment has to be when I was in the children in need programme with my line dancing group The Boot Scooters when i was 7 years old and the camera span around to us to show them
    Our cheque and all you could see on the television as clear as day was me picking my nose!!! Arghhhh

  • Years ago I was out drinking with friends and drank a bit too much. I puked in the middle of the dance floor. All over myself and people around me. The shame. lol

  • Having left a tampon in during sex!! Alcohol had previously been consume and i was young – very embarrasing going to doctors the next day to have it removed though :-0

  • when i was about 17 i got off the bus and was walking down the road when a really cute boy started staring at me from the other bus i was like ouuuu hes cute then wollop !!! i banged my head right into a lampost i just hung my head low and walked off as fast as i could ! lol x

  • When my two baby boys in their double buggy ate through two huge slabs of chocolate on the chekouit in a store without me knowing

  • I once went on a date and proceeded to somehow get pins and needles in my legs, so much so when I stood up they randomly gave way and collapsed.. fun times

  • I once tripped over at the top of an escalator falling on the fit guy in top of me and in turn the people behind me couldn’t stop themselves from all banging and falling on top of us until someone managed too stop the escalator. Still makes me laugh thinking about it but was so embarrassing at the time.

  • I was getting seen by a dr and asked me about stools i just assumed the chairs type. I got so red amd embarassed i was only 10

  • I was late for picking my daughter up from school so was running and tripped up, I went headlong and grazed my hands and my knees. I looked up to make sure no one had seen me and got up as quick as I could and nearly crying with the pain. when I got to school having limped there in pain my daughter was the only one still there, I apologised to the teacher for being late and told her what had happened and showed her my hands. She took me inside and washed all the grit from my wounds and bandaged me up. She then said “I do this for children all the time but it is a first on a parent”

  • Within the first week of being with my partner I bled through my white trousers (surprise period ! ) Had to wear a hoodie round my waist and shuffle home.

  • Going out in a pair of white jeans got out of the taxi and slid the whole way to the front door of the bar . needless to say got straight back in the taxi and straight home

  • We were staying in a bed and breakfast in Berlin and were told we were the only guests and thus would have the whole of the top floor to ourselves. Next morning I went into the loo and as we were the only people on the top floor didn’t lock the door – wish I had because a naked guy opened the door while I was sitting on the loo.

  • Hmmmm, there are so many to choose from! Haha! Walking around with a boob out after nursing a newborn baby was pretty humiliating!

  • the lock on my sitting room door went, I was locked inside for 8 hours and had to be rescued by the fire service eek!

  • One of my embarrassing moments was when my doctor asked me what colour my stools were when I was young. Not quite understanding the question, and thinking he was asking me a random question about my home furnishings I answered ‘mahogany’.

  • Getting thrush on Christmas Day with the family and my hard of hearing grandmother asking me about it about it VERY LOUDLY!

  • Peed my pants on the way home from a business engagement after drinking a litre of orange juice during the afternoon and being unable to find a loo. Unsurprisingly, I haven’t drunk orange juice since that day.

  • A few years ago i went to the loo in an office building and came out dragging loose loo roll tucked in my jeans, no one on the reception said anything rotters, next thing my husband came running after me pulling it out shame i just said never mind.

  • I recently won a competition on Facebook- was a iPad Air so a pretty big deal to me. I was asked to private message and give my details… Which I did. Only after I messaged my sister to tell her I was going to sell the iPad as soon as I got it and sent a GIF of a woman doing a crazy dance shaking a champagne bottle celebrating.
    It was only in the evening when I had wondered why my sister hadn’t replied that I then realized it was the prize promotors I had messaged by mistake ????

  • A couple of years ago I fell off my bike in front of a group of people at a bus stop and the shopping I was carrying went everywhere.

  • I used to work for the NHS and one of the nurses I worked with worked across a few practices. One day I was having my smear and some other checks and they always have a few issues with me (I have a retroverted uterus). The nurse had to get me to put a block under my bottom and called another nurse in to assist. You guessed it, it was the nurse I work with… to top it off she said ‘Hi Janine, having a bit of trouble are we’ whilst I was laid there, naked from the waist down and feeling like I wanted the ground to swallow me up. It was fun seeing her at work the next day after she had seen me in all my naked glory!

  • Where to start….. On my first smear I managed to break wind ane it was one of those silent but deadly ones!! I have never left a drs surgery so fast in my life!!

  • Went to see my favourite rockband (after waiting nearly 20 years to see them) and me and the woman sat next to me were discussing our love for their lead singer (he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we both really quite fancy him). The man sat in front of us turned round and said “If you are going to drool that much I’m putting the collar up on my coat” and he did so. It wasn’t THAT cold that night as it was only September. Now, you’re probably thinking “well that’s not too embarassing” and I have to admit it’s not, however the band weren’t even on stage at the time. :)

  • After I gave birth to my son I needed some stitches. The doctor had found out that I was a nurse and obviously thought I needed more explanation than most, so he returned to my bedside to show me a diagram of my vagina with the coordinates of the stitches! I was too tired to be too embarrassed but I sent him packing straight away!

  • Mine was when I went shopping I was preg and due any day I was Happily shopping when my water broke and gush water was every where I felt so embarrassed but ending even worse as baby would not wait so had to be sheltered by Loads work staff taken to the toilets where the baby come long not best place could had baby but one will remember forever .funny thing is they gave me year worth nappies lol

  • I once came out of the loo at work with the back of my dress tucked into my knickers. I walked all the way across a huge office of about a hundred people before someone told me!

  • Bursting for the loo and couldn’t find a toilet so went behind a tree and crouched down -ouch sat on nettles stung badly for days and looked like I was dancing a jig it was so itchy couldn’t sit down or wear any underwear ????????????

  • camping and needing the loo in the middle of the night – i had to ‘go’ outside the tent – don’t think anyone saw me but not the most relaxing experience!

  • Havig a right rant about someone driving you mad at work, then realising that exact same someone was sat right behind you in a high backed chair and heard the lot. I’ve had less embarrassing days….

  • Years ago when I was in school I went swimming with the class. As always I would always get ready beforehand and put my school clothes over the top of my swimming costume. When I got to the pool I took my school clothes off and entered the outside area of the swimming pool. Everyone was laughing at me. I looked down and realised I still had my navy blue knickers on so embarrassed.

  • The most embarrassing thing that has happened to me in that respect is becoming more common since having kids and developing a prolapse. That is that when having sex I sometimes make a unfortunate noise! Tmi I know but you did ask!

  • Grabbing a man from behind in frescos squeezing his bum and saying hey sexy bum . It didn’t turn out to be my then husband ooops

  • I was having my smear test when a different nurse to my usual one entered the room to do it, as she was down there doing her stuff she remarked that although she had changed specialities and had moved on from women’s health she “still liked to be involved and keep her hand in” !!!

  • My friend works at my surgery and although I’ve never had to have her do my smear I have had one of her colleagues who I then saw the next day at her house, made me blush even though I know that’s probably happened to her hundreds of times!

  • I was 8 months preg and the whole family went down the local park where they have a club house, it was August and a beautiful summer night..We sat on the large steps having a drink (lemonade for me) crisps and having a laugh..

    While back at home i went to bed fine, but about 2.25am i woke up shivering and feeling very cold and i wanted a wee, but i was shaking that bad i nearly shock myself off the toilet and had to call for my mother as i was living with her while our house was being built.
    Bare in mind i didn’t have anything on :( so there i was stark naked having my mother get me dressed and i then had to go and sleep in her bed with her to warm up and my father had to sleep in my bed as my husband was working nights.. I have never been so embarrassed in all my life!!..

  • A girl I had liked for ages asked me to the pictures and I couldn’t agree quickly enough. We went straight there but whether it was something I had eaten or the excited nervousness that caused it, I’m not sure, but I was sick in the middle of the film. Right down my top.
    We never went out again.

  • Comedy lady parts noises during sex were notoriously embarrassing when I was younger but now I’ve just learned to laugh at them

  • About 15 years ago after a night out I was rather drunk and found myself in a+e with my first ever water infection thinking I was dying! Embassing to find out what it was and felt like I totally wasted there time!

  • My most embarrassing moment was when I was buying something at the Pharmacy counter and the man asked if it was for me. I spluttered and said no, it was for a neighbour.

  • I’m afraid most of my embarrassing moments involve falling over in front of people and hurting myself but it has happened lots of times :)

  • My son shouted at the top of his voice when we were out shopping ” your a girl and you have a vagina”. I got out of their pretty quick!

  • Following the birth of my daughter, I had a catheter, it fell out and I urinated all over the floor. I’ve never felt so humiliated.

  • Hhhmmm at 30 there has been a lot!
    Sadly most have been since becoming a mummy….my 3 year old has a good habit of singing songs wrong and the finger family is one he loves to sing wrong in the middle of asda!
    So he gets his words mixed up and sings finger mummy! Instead of mummy finger I just finish up my shopping as quickly as possible as I get a wink from the guy at the check out!

  • I once went on a long bike ride. At the beginning of the ride we were on the moors, when I fell of the bike into the heather. I dusted myself off and carried on with the ride. A few hours later was on my way home, when a little girl pointed I had split my shorts.
    Not only had I been riding around with split shorts, I only had a thong underneath them.

  • Having my knicker elastic snap and then pants fell down as I was wearing a skirt and socks (it was all a very long time ago!)!

  • I am a golfer, and whilst playing a round of golf in a charity game with 3 men, my bra snapped half way round so everything was hanging loose if you know what I mean…funny thing was it actually improved my golf

  • Im really socially awkward, I was shopping and taking my trolley back. A man came up to me and handed me his pound coin for the trolley, I had no idea what he was trying to do so I took the coin off him to be polite thinking he was just being kind giving me some money!
    He then explained and I just gave him back the coin and took my trolley back! (i had a token in it anyway)

  • I’d met a lad in a bar who was gorge and I mean gorge. I actually couldn’t believe my luck. I was 25 and he was 24……………………..

    We met the next day for a date, I had been working that evening so met him approx 9.30, he had CLEARLY had a few for courage. As we spoke I noted he was pretty childish and kept giggling at nothing………he confessed he was 18. GREAT but I thought I’d sit it out and see how it panned out. I changed my mind after he stood up to serenade with “Return of the Mac” much to the next tables amusement.

    I was outta there! No more toy boys for Kellie

  • Another was whilst being on the bus with my 4 year old. Attempting to keep him amused by pointing out things out the window.

    Imagine my horror when we passed 2 ladies in burka’s and he shouted “look mom Ninja’s”

  • I can’t believe I’m actually going to share this.. here goes! Id been with my partner for around a year-ish, I think I can speak for most ladies here but I never fart in front of my boyfriend!! Anyway we’d had a few drinks, we were off out later that night, I needed a wee and felt comfortable enough around him at that moment to go in front of him, so we were talking away when that urge to fart came over me, sooo badly there was nothing I could do to stop it!! I actually said oh no! I’m sorry! And away I was going!! Oh my god I was so embarrassed, thats not the worse part though whilst he was peeing his pants laughing at me, I started laughing and the farts just kept coming! He still reminds me of it now and it’s been 5 years.. I guess it didn’t put him off me though! There I’ve shared it!! Haha!

  • Talking to somebody for a good 15 minutes before realising they weren’t the old friend I thought they were. Had to style out very awkwardly and don’t think they realised….

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