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Garden Sprucing During Lockdown

Garden Sprucing During Lockdown

I’ve never been into gardening. I have tried, time and time again, to enjoy the mud and flowers and plants and herbs, but still my fingers remain so un-green they are positively blue.

Or whatever the opposite to green fingers are.

But during lockdown, I am finding myself wanting more and more to use my outside space: as small as it is (your typical London yard – park-like my garden is not) it is so lovely to be able to get outside in the sunshine for crucial fresh air and reminders there is a world outside these four walls.

(there IS a world outside these four walls!!!)

But, having a glorified wasteland for a garden at the start of our Corona-situation meant I had to quick-smart get on some home improvements of the outside variety, and it really has made such a difference to the time I spend outside. I actually want to go out there, for a start!

Here’s how I’ve done it:

Powerwash your patio
There is generally nothing in life as satisfying as power washing a dirty patio. Honestly, if you haven’t hosed down dirty concrete, have you even lived? Bonus points if you’re able to write secret messages while hosing the years of in-grained dirt from the floor. What joy of joys!

Spruce up your fencing
If we must socially distance and remain on our own properties, we should make sure we’re fenced in by something beautiful, am I right? The cost to install new fences is often smaller than you’d expect, and it’s an investment that’s well worth it if you consider all the time we’re now spending in our gardens.

Snap up new patio furniture
I recently moved house and had to purchase some new patio furniture; rather than being a boring job I totally reveled in the choice! From antique-style to bright bistro sets, there are so many gorgeous bits out there ready to be snapped up. Amazon have a great selection but – pro tip – the cheapest out there seem to be found at Argos. You’re welcome.

String up lights
Is there anything more beautiful than a gorgeously lit patio? I have had total garden envy looking at my neighbours – they all enjoy the most incredible fairy lights strung around their terraces – and it was one of the first things I purchased when I moved in to my new house earlier on this year. I got solar-powered to save on energy costs (again, from brilliant Amazon).


How have you improved your garden during lockdown?


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