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better nights sleep

I still remember the first piece of furniture I bought online. I was 21 and had just bought my first house, and my ex-husband and I chose a rather fetching pair of sofas from an online-only retailer in the fairly questionable colour of dark brown. We were young, we were skint, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Having previously just shopped in-person for housey bits at IKEA – or inherited furniture from relatives – this was our first step into the world of online furniture purchases. I recall holding my breath for around four weeks until the sofas were delivered, having no idea whether or not they would look good or be comfy.

Thankfully they were both, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

10 years later and pretty much all of my furniture is bought on a site, rather than on sight. Both sofas, my marble table of dreams, all rugs… all online purchases. In fact, save for IKEA (good old IKEA) and the odd dash through the John Lewis furniture department when I’m herding the kids to the loo, I would never ever go out of my way to visit a furniture shop. Millennials, eh?

My bedroom was the last room I furnished and is hands-down my favourite spot in the house. It’s my sacred space, a room where I feel I can legitimately turf the kids out of in favour of ‘mummy time’ (a bath/instagram scroll/laundry/staring at the walls). And it was literally the easiest to design, because I did all the hard work from my laptop.

First it took me AGES to decide on my bedframe. In the end I went minimal with the ash Tatsuma from Habitat, a really simple bed that I knew I’d want to dress up with big fluffy cushions. Bedsheets are plain Egyptian cotton from John Lewis, as were the pillows; I know these are such a personal thing, but I use two soft duck down pillows on top of a firmer memory foam layer, and the combination of hard and soft (ooer) works brilliantly for me.

better nights sleep

The mattress aspect of the bed is arguably the most important part of all. Back in the day before choosing one we’d spend hours in a bed shop, lying across mattresses to test their bounce-ability, firmness and likelihood of a good nights sleep. Which seems bizarre: you spend so much time lying on your mattress, it seems silly that you’d be able to judge how a mattress would work for you in the long-term without, you know, testing it properly by sleeping on it.

Luckily buying a mattress online from Germany-based Bruno means you don’t need to worry about any mattress-based regrets. Their unique 101-day returns policy means that if you’re unhappy with your new mattress, you can simply contact them for a free collection and refund . Which gives much more peace of mind than a quick 30 minutes in a mattress shop with a pushy salesman.

But there’s little chance you’d need to return one of their mattresses. The Bruno mattress has a revolutionary 7-zone support system built in, which is just one of the reasons it’s been named one of The Independent’s best mattresses of 2017. They say, “This fabulous bed-in-a-box mattress boasts a 20cm foam core, with a thinner layer of natural latex on top. Incredibly comfy, and it’s a joy for average size people”. It’s so good that it’s the only mattress Bruno manufacture: and all our favourite cars come out of Germany, so it makes sense their engineering expertise extends to sleep, too.

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Once your mattress is sorted you’ll need to find away to store and light your bed bits. I have these brilliant rustic bedside tables from, and wall-mounted lamps from The flooring finishes the look, with my rug purchased online (along with the rest of Instagram ;) from La Redoute.

Thinking on it, disappointment at something I’ve bought for my home online isn’t even an issue any more. Not once have I worried recently that an item purchased on the internet won’t suit; thanks to online images and I guess, to some extent, our imaginations, we’re much more well-placed to not stress about seeing items before they arrive at our front doors. And thank goodness for that – I for one am very happy with shopping from my (purchased online) sofa.

Thanks to Bruno for working with MTT!


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