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Four home improvements you should make in 2020

Four home improvements you should make in 2020

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We’re over halfway through the year, and I don’t think any of us predicted it to turn out quite like this. Whilst the world has been locked down, and people have been confined to their homes for an extended period of time, it has been the optimal chance to turn your hand to some DIY and work on the home.

Many people have been painting and decorating, others have been getting out into the garden whilst some have even decided to extend their properties!

However, if you’re sitting there thinking that you’ve missed your opportunity to jump on the home remodelling bandwagon this year, fear not! Here is a list of four improvements you can make to your home in order to see your home enter 2021 looking better than ever.

Build a shed or outbuilding

Everyone needs a space where they can get away from the trials and tribulations of normal life and just relax. The humble shed has been seen as the ideal location for such refuge for decades now, and putting one together, whether it’s made of wood or steel, can be a fun project that adds extra space to your home for practical and leisure activities.

As with all new structures, be sure to make sure you have enough space for your shed, and that any light blocked will not affect any surrounding plants or flowers. Safety is also paramount, so be sure to take all necessary precautions to avoid injury.

A new lick of paint

One of the easiest things you can do to make your home feel like new, is to give a few rooms a fresh coat of paint. Whether it’s simply re-applying an existing color to freshen it up, or adding a completely new color scheme, you will be surprised by the impact a few strokes of a paint brush can have on your home.

Landscape the garden

Have you been bitten by the gardening bug yet? If not, it might be time to get your hands dirty and start potting some plants! For many people, their garden is considered their pride and joy – and it could become a source of pride for you too. Spend many hours maintaining the perfect lawn, pruning flowers and even growing vegetables in a personal allotment area.

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small lounge makeover

By upgrading your garden, you can also drastically improve the curb appeal of your property which, if you’re planning on moving home anytime soon, can help entice buyers and make the sales process a lot faster.

New fixtures and fitting

It’s often the smaller jobs that we put off doing. After all, who’s really going to notice the odd outdated light fixture? Before 2020 is up, make it your mission to finally update these small pieces of décor which have been bothering you since day one. Dripping faucets, broken handles and faulty switches – you’re going down.

Whilst they say that working on the home is an endless task, by completing these smaller tasks you can help add to that sense of completion and leave you with a clearer mindset when you sit down to relax in the evenings.

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