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Fictional maybe, but expensive all the same
money management pipe dreams - conquer your finances

Can fictional characters with fictional jobs afford their fictional houses if real world economics were taken into consideration? In the world of make believe anything goes, but in reality, property isn’t quite so affordable!

It appears not even James Bond, 007 himself, can escape the fiscal restraints of mortgages who, amongst 23 other iconic movie and TV characters, has been used as an example in a new game that looks to research how their annual wages correspond to their supposed housing overheads.

Canstar, Australia’s largest financial comparison site, has created this game to not only allow you to look into the salary of these characters and compare that to their mortgage payoffs, but also allows you to input your own fictional salary and see if you compare any better.

Interested in seeing how you fare against them all? Find out more here:

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money management pipe dreams - conquer your finances

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