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Feeling Down? Nature Could Help To Pick You Back Up

In the modern world, talking about your feelings is pretty en vogue. Gone are the days of acting like you’re not going through a dark spell; for a lot of people, admitting that you haven’t been feeling great is easier than ever.

And let’s be honest here, there are very few of us who are complaining about the ease with which we can now talk about mental health.

However, with all of the discussion comes an endless plethora of ways to fix it. Yoga, they cry, candlelit baths, they cry, SELF-CARE, they Tweet. And sure, these things do work out for some people.

Dealing with those down days is a result of personal trial and error, however, and one thing that you could try is drawing from nature. But how could Mother Nature actually give you a metaphorical glass of wine and a pat on the back?

Heading out for a walk

OK, so when you’re feeling down, the last thing that you usually want to do is go for a trek through the woods. But whilst very few of us even want to say goodbye to our pyjamas when we’re not feeling great, there is something to be said for just pushing yourself a little, and getting out there for a walk.

Not only will walking through a beautiful space be a natural de-stresser, but it also allows you to put things into perspective, and to rearrange your thoughts in the process. It may not be the key to getting rid of your low feeling forever, but pushing yourself a little to get out there and get some exercise in is a good start.

Going green fingered

Another way to ensure that you’re beating those evil feelings away with a bit of Mother Nature lovin’ is gardening. Even half an hour of gardening can make you feel a little better, and if you’re not quite ready to properly get out there and leave the comfort of your home yet (or you don’t have time), then it’s a good shout.

Many studies show that gardening helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and that it can also reduce stress. On top of this, it can help with high blood pressure, and other physical problems. In short, if you’re not really feeling at your best, you’ve got nothing to lose by getting out there and doing a bit of gardening!

Eating green

When you’re not feeling 100%, you can be tempted to go out to the supermarket, and fill your trolley to the brim with cookies and other food that just isn’t the healthiest. And whilst we’re not disputing the short-term benefits of eating cookies when you’re not feeling great, this may actually be making things worse.

Taking care of your body is a better solution, so make sure that you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, and avoiding JustEat if you can put the idea of having a Chinese takeaway out of your mind. We know, it’s not the easiest of things to do, but if you want to feel better in the long-run, then stick to good, natural foods.

Drinking water

Something that we always hear about is that we’re not drinking enough water. The amount that we should be having changes regularly; some researchers and nutritionists suggest 8 glasses a day, others say more, and others say less. However, there’s one thing that’s for sure, and that’s that staying hydrated is good news.

Not only does it give you more energy to do things, but it also helps to flush toxins out of the body, and to make you feel… you know, human again. There’s something cathartic about knowing that you’re drinking enough water every day, and when you see your glowing skin as a result, you’ll be well on your way to feeling better.

Stocking up on natural oils

CBD oil is one of those things that is gaining a bit of a following in health circles, and it’s for a reason. Not only does it not come with any of those scary psychoactive side effects, but it has been linked to the reduction of depression and anxiety, as well as PTSD and social anxiety disorder.

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Whilst it’s pretty difficult to explain in deep science-y detail, CBD oil is said to enhance serotonin receptors, so that it has a more significant impact upon the individual in question. In short, serotonin is what makes you feel happy and fulfilled, and CBD oil (and other natural oils) give it a shove in the right direction. Worth a try, huh?

Iced Tea with Newby

Brewing some herbal tea

OK, as most British people will testify, there is nothing that a good old cuppa can’t fix. However, when you’re not feeling at your best, you may want to reach for the herbal tea, instead. Not only does it have links to helping you feel better mentally, but it also cleanses your body, oh, and some of them taste delicious, too.

Many people note that herbal tea helps them to sleep, and reduces the effects of anxiety. On top of this, a study conducted last year found that chamomile, which can be found in some herbal teas, reduced the amount of cortisol in those who took part. Cortisol is linked to stress, so if you’re looking to chill out and find your stress-free zen, then get some chamomile tea!


If you’re feeling down, but you want to let nature have a go at sorting you out, then why not try some of these things? Whilst it may seem like a walk can’t do anything to improve your mood, and a cup of herbal tea isn’t going to make that much of a difference either, it’s a step in the right direction when you’re not feeling at your best.

And let’s be honest here, there are a lot of great things that Mother Nature offers us, right? Sometimes, going back to your natural roots, and just getting yourself aligned with the world around you, is all that you need to get back on track. Good luck, and enjoy the natural path back to happiness and wellbeing!

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