Expensive (looking) Fashion Tips For Winter

Winter is here. The light layers we were wearing for November are ineffective for the temperatures of December. Now is the time people are unpacking their winter-wear. But, will our last year’s clothes fit into the trends of winter 2021? We are happy to report, most of them will.

This year it is all about clean lines and basic colors. The styles and cuts that are getting the most attention are timeless. Many of the selections are rich and expensive-looking, but they are also budget-friendly. While you are looking for ways to look like a millionaire without spending a fortune, check out this exciting article from Lottoland. Their fashion tips are always on point.


Winter 2021 is all about plush knits. Look for cardigans, sweater vests, jumpers, and cropped jumpers. The long and loose jumpers are wildly popular. Expect to see the jumper dress in the magazines as well. Soft, comfortable, warm, and beautiful basic colors are what fashionistas are wearing.

There is no limit to the types of knits to choose from. From wool roll-neck shirts to mega-knit maxis, layer your favorite knits with fancy party wear to make them acceptable for day or evening.


Mohair is a fabric made from the wool of angora goats. It has been popular in the garment industry for decades. The threads are knitted into sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and socks. It is durable and has a natural high sheen and luster. This affordable fabric is naturally beautiful, and you will see it in your favorite shops.

Recent Classics from Topshop


Wool is always in high demand. You can get expensive wool knits like merino wool, but it may not be the best selection due to cost. It also does not have the durability of wool blends. A boxy wool blend jumper never goes out of style. Also, consider Alpaca wool blends. Today’s designers look for beauty, durability, and sustainability. Shop for these lovely blends in cardigans, vests, and sweater dresses.

Spend a bit more on accessories

Instantly look rich by adding a few high-end pieces to your wardrobe. A cashmere scarf, gloves, or cap is stunning and will not cost nearly as much as a jumper. Add one piece of clothing per year that is classic and made of expensive material. A polo collar cashmere jumper will last for years. Go with white, gray, navy, or black. These colors are always in vogue. You can dress this up with a skirt and heels or go with cropped jeans and clunky boots.

Puffer Coat

This year, the most in-demand item on High Street is the Arket Long Down Puffer Coat. These coats are filled with recycled down and feathers and have a nylon shell. The clean-cut of the coat ensures it will be a staple item for wardrobes for years to come. The Puffer Coat is ultra-warm, lightweight, and is selling for a very reasonable £225.

When you wear a long puffer coat, you have the option of layering under the coat. The coat is your fashion statement. Wearing a vest, jumper, or sweater under your coat keeps you warm and still in high fashion.

Recent Classics from Topshop


Boots are an essential part of every wardrobe. If there is one item worth paying for, it is genuine leather boots. Please make no mistake; anyone who knows fashion knows fake leather when they see it. It is not enough to own good boots. You must keep them in good repair. Take them to a shoe expert at least once per year and have them checked. If they need repair, have it done before the wear ruins the boot. Have them professionally cleaned and conditioned. You will spend less on keeping your good boots in good repair than you will be buying cheap boots year after year.


Winter handbags are all about having fun. This year you will see colorful bags with lots of chains and straps. Odd shapes are popular. Your handbag should be unique. This is the one item that you can really go crazy with. Don’t be surprised to see hot pink, orange, and red. The size can be anything you like, from an oversize hobo bag to a dazzling clutch. Anything goes.

Jeans and slacks

If it is right off the rack, it doesn’t fit. If you want to look like a fashionista, your jeans and pants must be altered to fit you. The cost is minimal and the result is a clean, chic, look of wealth and charm.

Winter tip

Don’t neglect yourself. People tend to let themselves go in the winter. They do not pay as much attention because they feel “covered.” But your style always shines through. Keep your hair neatly trimmed and conditioned. Wear moisturizing sunscreen on your face and other exposed areas. Keep up with your manicures and pedicures. You will look and feel better, and you are ready for anything the season brings.


Follow these tips, and you will be amazed at how great you look. As for the costs of your classic clothes, no one has to know but you. Let them wonder if you suddenly came into money. Maybe they will think you hit the lottery. After all, you look like a fashion winner!

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