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etting A Respite From The Modern World (Without Switching Off Your Phone)

It all gets on top of us sometimes.

When we’re a single parent, we can feel that there’s a lot in the way of modern pressures. And this means we have to take a break from life sometimes. The modern world is a cooking pot of stress, distractions, and pressure. And as parents, we can feel that there’s no let-up.

Whether your children are constantly ill, or there is financial pressure, everything can add up. What are the best ways for us to ensure that we take a real break from the modern world, without the obvious options like switching off our phone?

Make A Space That Is For You

If we are to escape the modern pressures, even for 10 minutes, it’s got to be somewhere that we can really switch off our brains. The garden is one of those areas that could work wonders. And if you’ve got a garden space that’s been neglected, because you’ve got no time, if you can add a few touchstones that will draw you in, you will make the most of it. Adding a few swathes of colour can make all the difference. And if you don’t have time to maintain the upkeep, there are companies like New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd that can lay down artificial grass for you. Because if you’ve got a space that is enticing, and has a lot of colour, you won’t be distracted by how underwhelming the space is, which will detract from your ability to relax. Where there’s a little bit of space in the home or in the garden, try and find somewhere that’s just for you.

Focus On The Quality Of Downtime

We can feel that we need a couple of hours to truly decompress, but in the modern day where there’s something demanding our attention every couple of minutes, we’ve got to figure out how to speed up the process of relaxation. It’s not about quantity, but it’s about quality. And this means that you’ve got to find the right techniques that suit you. There is a lot of talk about mindfulness, but to truly get into that state of mind, you’ve got to set aside 30 minutes, or even longer. If you want to practice calming down, the one quick method is to focus on your breath. So many of us shallow breathe, especially when we are stressed, so if we can learn the art of deep breathing, even if we do this for a few minutes a day, we will feel the benefit over time. The big thing that we have to get into our heads is that we need to practice these things. It’s not like taking a magic pill and you are suddenly without stress. If you can practice these things, when you have 20 seconds here or 2 minutes there, it will all add up. There’s no need to be disheartened if something doesn’t work straight away; practice makes perfect!

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We all need a respite from the modern world sometimes, but it’s about finding the right practice for you. Everybody is different, and we’ve all got our own unique stresses. But if we can pinpoint where the issues lie, we can provide better solutions. Maybe you don’t have a space that is just for you, or you get stressed too quickly. Whatever the issue, if you can isolate the exact problem, this means that you will solve it that much quicker. So many of us don’t attempt to solve our stress problems, and this is a priority.


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