Elfie’s Vocabulary At Two

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Elfie turned two this weekend and though I will be writing more about my fabulous little girl later on this week, (and in the interest of trying to get better at blogging video stuff) here’s a quick video of us playing on the computer:

Elfie is TWO! from Alice Harold on Vimeo.

PS: please don’t think I’m doing something rude with my right hand. I’m rocking Huxley in the pram, honest… also please excuse my gaping open blouse. This video is obviously totally x rated.

  1. So so cute! Her vocabulary is good. And I almost died from the cuteness when she cuddled you. Is there anything better than toddler cuddles? x

  2. This is my first time commenting on here (but long time reader!) and oh my gosh, Elfie is adorable! What a smiley toddler!

  3. She’s so edible! I keep meaning to film R so I have a record of this age – she changes every 10 seconds and I can’t keep up!

    Also, your house is gorgeous!


    1. Thank you! I try and film her as much as possible on the iPhone but get very weepy when I look back at old videos of babyhood :’)

  4. that was the sweetest video ever! She speaks so so well for a two year old and have honestly never seen sucha sweet girl (i also feel like @anna opie with wanting that many babies)! :) x

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