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Elfie at 10 months

Elfie at 10 months

This weekend was Elfie’s 10 month birthday, and I am so proud of the amazing little person she is turning into. It’s no secret that I found the first portion of motherhood pretty hard, especially with the health issues she experienced. They’re still ongoing (the health stuff, not the finding motherhood hard bit!) but we’re able to cope now and we have the bonus support of Elfie’s Grannie and Grumpy around the corner from us now.

You can take Elfie anywhere and she will be happy. I don’t know how long this will last; she will smile and wave at everyone, eat her food nicely and sleep when she’s tired. People adore her.

She will play with paper for hours. Loves it. When we moved house I left her with a piece of masking tape for an hour and a half and she didn’t make a peep.

Moving house with her at this age was hard though my mum happily looked after her all day. It’s so great to be in a bigger space with her and to have real family time.

Bathtime is always really special, and immediately afterwards we always have fun in front of the mirror as Elfie catches sight of herself and waves like a crazy person.

She adores her food and has yet to refuse anything. When she was smaller her co-ordination wasn’t up to par which put paid to my plans for baby-led weaning, but now she’s caught up she loves to feed herself. Favourites are broccoli, marmite or avocado on toast, spelt biscuits and breadsticks.

She is so very beautiful. You can’t take a bad photograph of her. She’s stunning.

It does give me a case of the mothering guilts but she is happy to watch CBeebies on her own for half an hour which gives me a chance to power through jobs. This is getting increasingly difficult as she cries often when I leave the room (I secretly like this), but Chuggington keeps her happy for a while.

Independent play! Now she can sit up, Elfie can play on her own. I think it’s really important to teach her as early as possibly how to amuse herself and she’s doing very well with it so far.

I cant believe we will have a one year old little girl in 2 months. Where has the time gone?

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