Elfie Is 4! Again!


I’d totally forgotten when I wrote about Elfie’s fourth birthday fails a couple of weeks ago that we’d get to do it all over again soon after: her birthday party!

In the whole process of organizing Elfie a 4th birthday party I did one thing incredibly right and one thing incredibly wrong. The right thing was that I agreed it was a great idea to split the birthday party with a friend who is way more capable and organized than I am; her little fella Ralph is 4 at the end of July, is one of Elfie’s BFF’s and was the Joseph to her Mary in the pre-school nativity. Hi, Amy!


IMG_1966The thing I did wrong was choose to make the cake the morning of the party. WHY, Alice, WHY? I suppose it was too tall to fit into the fridge with all the party food but seriously… that stress was not good. Especially when layer 2 didn’t play ball and decided to jam as two pieces. I fixed it, I don’t think anybody noticed, but still. Stress levels: stratospheric.

Sidenote: if anyone needs to make a chocolate cake it was this one . I found the batter stretched to four of my tins but in general it was pretty straightforward to make. 



It turned out that, despite us having minimal time together to plan (thank you new job and crazy schedule) the party turned out fabulously. Amy took care of decorations and the games, her mum provided the dance moves for the 4 year olds and I took care of the food, the cake and a kick-ass Spotify Playlist. Which I’m definitely not listening to right now. Honest.


IMG_1989The village hall looked fabulous, the turnout was great, and we had a wonderful two hours doing everything you’re supposed to do. That is, get sweaty dancing to Katy Perry choons and play musical statues. Amy’s ‘Pin The Lips On The Alien’ was a total hit (I loved it) and I think we had 20 very satisfied (and hyperactive) customers come 3pm.


As we’d said the kids could come in fancy dress Elfie wanted to be Princess Elsa (obvs – she looked beautiful) and Ralph was a dashing Spiderman.  Hux was ‘boy in jeans and tshirt who was just going to run around like a maniac and spill things anyway’. He carried it well.


There was a Pimms station for the grownups, because what is a kid’s party without a little bit of booze? Calm down mumsnet, it was post-midday (but we still would have had one if it wasn’t… ;). Amy was given the fantastic Pimms vessel for her recent wedding and you can get it at John Lewis here for £20 or even cheaper if you check out these offers . It was genius.



IMG_2019And the cake! The sparklers were amazing and the birthday boy and girl did a great job of blowing out the candles together. Party bags were handed out, the mums (and dads and aunties and grandparents) tidied up and sighed in relief that kids only have one birthday a year. I don’t know about Amy but I went home and took a good long nap. And ate a piece of that cake.


Happy birthday (again) gorgeous girl! What a wonderful way to celebrate the end of your pre-school years with your very best friends. How about next year we just take a couple of them to the cinema?!

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  1. Peggy wrote:

    Birthday parties always seem like a brilliant idea… Until the day has come! This (and packing… And unpacking…) are the things I dislike the most in life. But then you look at their little faces and the joy of having their friends there just for them and feeling extra special makes it all worth it (just as much as a good holiday destination makes the packing and unpacking worth it too).
    Happy birthday gorgeous Elfie x

    Posted 7.21.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      You’re so right Peggy! It was stressful but so worth it to see the joy on Elfie and Hux’s faces (he definitely thought it was his party too!).

      Also the other most-hated job is packing! x

      Posted 7.22.14 Reply
  2. Glad she has a brilliant party, you definitely pulled that cake off too! oh, and everyone needs a Pimms station at a party, obvs ;-)

    Posted 7.21.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      I think every single situation in the whole world ever needs one!

      Posted 7.22.14 Reply
  3. Sounds like a fab kids birthday party to me! Oh and making the cake the day of the party, we’ve all been there – so much stress!! xx

    Posted 7.22.14 Reply
  4. maxine wrote:

    Will had a wonderful time :-D I saw lots of very sweaty, happy and tired children going home at 3pm… sign of a killer party ;-) Thanks again for the invite mx

    Posted 7.22.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Thanks for coming Maxine! Glad Will had a fabulous time! x

      Posted 7.22.14 Reply
  5. Why is it that kids’ birthday parties always seem like an excellent idea at the time? You figure that because you’re an adult you can actually handle it, but for me the reality couldn’t have been further from the truth! Loving the idea of a Pimms station for adults. Happy Birthday to your daughter and her BFF.

    Posted 7.22.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      That’s so true! Even for Hux’s birthday when I threw a couple of sandwiches together for two friends it was a bloody nightmare :) x

      Posted 7.22.14 Reply
  6. Richmond Mummy wrote:

    Awww sounds fab and Elfie makes a gorgeous Elsa :-) Happy 4th Birthday Elfie x

    Posted 7.22.14 Reply
  7. Lulastic wrote:

    Ah, happy birthday little lady! What a fabulous day (er, and HELLO CAKE) you absolutely NAILED it despite having a crazy schedule. x x x

    Posted 7.23.14 Reply