The Stealth Vitamins You Need To Be Taking

One of the best things about having slightly older children is they have reached an age when they are able to feed themselves. I’m not talking full 3 course meal with coffees and petits fours here, but they’re quite capable to grab a snack or cereal out of the cupboard when they return from school whining about snacks (every day, then).

Let’s not mention the fact that the above means they’re also old enough to sneak snacks when I’m not looking. And not even snacks – it happens with drinks too, which is why Hux’s teacher pulled me to one side this week and asked me to kindly not send him in to school with Orange juice in his water bottle.

As I protested my innocence and ignorance at the school gate I pretended to be cross, but was actually fairly impressed with his ingenuity. He selected the opaque water bottle from the cupboard and everything – future politician, that one.

easy vitamins

Anyway, I was congratulating myself on managing to bring up two such self-sufficient and independent kids last week as Hux opened our snack cupboard for a quick after-school nibble, when he turned and looked at me in dismay.

“OH MUMMY!” he cried with hopeful eyes, “we only have gummy bears left to eat!”

I let him have a couple as a ‘special treat’, such is my generosity of spirit. He chomped them down looking as pleased as punch, probably patting himself on the back for being so clever that he’d found a whole tub of gummy bears on the high shelf of the snack cupboard.

But little did he know that he was taking a multivitamin. Joke’s on you, Hux! I just made you healthy while you thought I was giving you a treat!!

easy vitamins easy vitaminsWe’ve been on Healthspan Children’s Gummy Bears for a couple of weeks now, and in our house they are going down a literal treat.

They’re lemon, orange and tangerine flavoured sugar-free gummies that contain a specially chosen selection of multivitamins, promoting immune health, energy production and development of bones. My two are limited to one or two a day as per packet instructions, and as well as enjoying them as they would a sweet, they also give me peace of mind that even if they haven’t eaten the healthy bits of their dinner (WHY don’t they like vegetables?!) they’re still getting all the nutrients growing kids need.

It’s not just kids that Healthspan cater for, either. I’m a huge fan of topping up my diet with supplements – they work wonders for my skin and general wellbeing – so I’m always looking for ways I can take my vitamins and minerals without feeling like I might rattle.

easy vitaminsEnter Healthspan’s YoGo Omega 3!

I’ve been a Fish Oil fan ever since Caroline Hirons told me I should be taking it – the Omega 3 in fish oil not only promotes low blood pressure and heart, brain and eye health, but it also regulates your own oil production to manage adult acne and slow the development of wrinkles. SOLD! Fish oil tastes gross though, and no matter what time of day I take the tablets they always seem to repeat on me.

But not if you get your Omega 3 fix in a yoghurt drink…

easy vitamins easy vitaminsHealthspan’s YoGo Omega 3 is easy peasy to make – you just fill your milk up to the line in the bottle provided (you can use non-dairy if you want), add the powder sachet to shake well and drink. It’s delicious and doesn’t taste fishy at all. No burps! One sachet provides 1,000mg of fish oil which is equal to 300mg total omega 3 fatty acids – job done without the scary tablets.

Your family will be in tip-top health without you even realising it!

Thanks to Healthspan for working with MTT

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  1. Lauranne wrote:

    I was about to sign up for some, as I have the worst adult acne… honestly, is it not enough I have wrinkles and my first grey hairs? Surely that should have allowed me to trade in the acne, but no. The joys of PCOS!… anyway, I digress. However, I can’t have normal milk (it gives me spots) I have transitioned to goats milk, which I love in tea and coffee, but I can’t stomach on cereal or in anything else so not sure this would work. I did once manage it with Horlicks, my dad made one and didn’t tell me it was goats milk until after, I’m like a kid having to be snuck veggies, so that was fine. Not sure I could persuade, or should be encouraging S to make me a daily one of these and lie about the contents – that could get tricky!

    Posted 1.30.18 Reply