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Have A Happy Easter!

Have A Happy Easter!

Easter Activities

Out of all the school holidays (and it feels like we have LOADS), I think Easter is my favourite.

For a start, there’s none of the stress of Christmas, no scrabbling around for two months previous to get the best supermarket delivery slots and present deals on Amazon. Plus, you don’t have the sheer length of the Summer hols where you peak in the first two weeks and then spend the remaining four listening to whiney choruses of “but I’m booooooorrreeeed”. Nor is there the shortness of half terms where you have to send your cherubs back to school as soon as you get into the swing of being on holiday together.

Plus – and this is crucial for the grown ups – we are awarded a precious two, YES TWO, bank holiday. Stick those either side of your weekend and that’s basically an entire week off. Heaven: am I right?

Easter Activities Easter ActivitiesHuxley is in Joules chinos, striped top, coat (on sale and a total bargain!) and boots (ditto!). Elfie is in Joules dress, coat (also on sale) and pumps. I am wearing Joules dress (it has pockets!!), coat and boots. 

Our Easter holidays have fallen early this year, so we got cracking on our school break fun last weekend. Joules dropped us a line to ask if we fancied getting on some of their Let’s Explore activities kitted out in their togs: I looked outside at the miserable weather and said a big YES PLEASE!

Easter Activities

They sent us a list of fun family activities that we might like to try, activities which would have been perfect had the mercury been creeping slightly further towards 15 degrees. These activities form a part of Joules’s brilliant Let’s Explore kits that you can pick up in-store and include fun things to do as a family, such as grow a sunflower or have a picnic. We chose a couple of things to do and knuckled down to a day of fun.

The first suggestion was ‘build a den’ – easy! We decided to camp down and do this one at home while the wind was blowing a gale outside: Hux was particularly enamoured with the snoozy nest we built and has requested it becomes a permanent fixture. I spent the morning questioning why he was happy to bed down on a chilly Sunday but refuses to do it at night time?Easter Activities

Easter Activities

Next up we jumped in the car and headed to the park. We’re lucky to have a big lake a short drive away from us and always feel really healthy and virtuous when we spend a day there walking around the perimeter. This Sunday we were literally the angel emoji incarnate. Easter Activities

Easter Activities We took the dregs of a loaf of bread with us and followed one of the other activities in our pack – to feed the ducks. OK, so there were more geese than ducks but they were still very happy to have our bag of carbs at their disposal, and Elfie and Hux made sure the food was shared out as equally (and with a very zealous right arm) between them.

Easter Activities Easter Activities

Easter Activities Easter ActivitiesWe even managed a quick play in the park post-ducks on Joules’s suggestion, though I MAY OR MAY NOT have got stuck on a wobbling rope bridge trying to help the kids get across. Nope, nothing to see here, apart from an over-ambitious 30-something mother making a massive arse of herself…

Easter Activities Easter Activities Easter Activities Easter ActivitiesNext was our picnic, but because we live in England and can never go a whole day without getting precipitated on, this swiftly changed from food in the park to food in a (warm, dry) restaurant – I chose Indochinese Banana Tree as we’ve never been there before as a threesome, the kids love noodles and I am partial to this amazing deep fried bread snack they do (lunch there is worth it just for that, to be honest). And the place has SWINGS in their bar, which were an instant hit with the children if not so much with me (“Please get off the swing now. I mean it. I MEAN IT”).

Easter Activities Easter ActivitiesKicking off our Easter Holidays this way was wonderful; when we spend the day together as a family we always get a couple of fun things done but having these ideas (and togs!) from Joules meant we ticked way more off our list! Watch this space… we’ll be doing way more in the (hopeful) sunshine of the bank holiday tomorrow.

Have a lovely one, whatever you’re doing!

Huge thanks to Joules for working with MTT.

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