Creating A Dreamy Office Space From A Bedroom Corner

Space is a premium in my little house, and as such it has not been easy to create my dream office.

For one I don’t actually have an entire room to dedicate to the area – just a corner spot – so I’ve really had to maximise the bones of what’s available.

When I think back to the offices I’ve spent my time in over the years I really don’t miss the vast open-plan buildings. With impersonal desks that never felt truly ‘mine’ (I used to hate returning from a day of meetings to weird and wonderful stains on what was once a pristine white surface) and blanket bans on having anything vaguely individual out on display, the boring workspace just wasn’t for me.

I darn well miss the camaraderie and Love Island banter of an office, but I sure don’t miss having to share elbow space over a desk: one thing I love about working from home is that I only have myself and my own teeny desk to worry about. OK, it might be a bit of a battle to not think about napping when there’s a bed only six feet away from my work spot, but life is fun in this little corner filled with select weird and wonderful office paraphernalia  (YES I’m more productive because of the LEGO model of myself that perches on my keyboard, OK?!).

My work-at-home evolution has gone from working at the kitchen table to working at the breakfast bar to working in a dedicated dreamy office space corner, the latter of which I find to be the most productive solution of all. Here’s how I keep my space the most motivating it can be:

A Slinky Desk 
If, like me, you’re short on space in your home office, take a look at the slim desk options available to you. Really your needs end at somewhere to pop your computer and something to scribble on, so you seriously don’t need loads of options. There are some great choices at Fishpools and I have the BRUSALI model from IKEA.

Proper Tech
‘You can’t have enough tech in your home office’, is my motto! In mine I have an iMac as well as a MacBook for the days I need to be portable, as well as an iPad and all important iPhone (Apple fan, much!?). I also use SumUp for all my mobile payments (their handy devices are really great and won’t break the bank) as well as Google Home for my musical needs.

Communication Links

Good communication is at the heart of all successful businesses. I know that many customers like to work with companies that boast a local presence. A virtual office address can deliver increased presence and privacy. Meanwhile, learning how to get a business landline for your mobile allows you to stay connected to clients on a 24/7 basis – at the home office or in the field. It saves space by removing the need for a landline phone too.

Clear Space, Clear Head
OK, so maybe the bosses who harped on about having a clutter-free workspace were right: LEGO withstanding, keeping my workspace free of crap really does help with my day. At any one time I have on my desk my notebook and my keyboard and that’s it – no muss, no fuss, no stress. I try not to print anything off unless I really need to, and if I do I make sure it’s cleared away as soon as I’m done.

Mrs Motivator
I like to look up from my work and see something inspiring in my dreamy office space: I’m a Pinterest cliché but it helps! I have a host of postcards from the incomparable Veronica Dearly that I switch around on a weekly basis and I cannot recommend the art of Nine By Nine Club enough. I have ‘You Got This‘ by Holly Pereira above my desk and next on my shopping list is ‘Don’t Let Them Tame You‘ by Rebeca Anaya.

pink office chair dreamy office space

Get a Fun Injection
Workspaces are pretty boring places so I get my fun here when I can. And at my desk that comes in the form of a PINK VELVET CHAIR: I can’t imagine ever being allowed one of these in one of the boring ad agencies I’ve worked at in the past. But in my bedroom office? Anything goes!

Form Over Function
If I can only have one notebook on my desk you better believe it’s going to be a good one. My scribble pads of choice come from LEUCHTTURM1917 and Comme Glomme and look as good as they are useful.

Tell me, how do you make your dreamy office space more interesting?

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  2. Jay Liew wrote:

    I envision a clean, tidy, minimalist work space. A tidy work space is not only refreshing for the eye, it clears away clutter and make way for new inspiration to come as well. Besides, who wouldn’t love a neat, tidy space to work in.
    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.
    Jay Liew @

    Posted 3.15.19 Reply