The Best (and Quickest!) Way To Double Cleanse

I like to think that in life, it’s better stress the small stuff so the big won’t seem insurmountable. Which is why I recently spent so much of my time pre-holiday worrying about flannels.


You see, as a faithful subscriber to the Caroline Hirons School of Skincare, I religiously use two flannels a day to wash my face. One in the morning, one in the evening, using both to double cleanse as directed by Mrs Hirons.

But at our favourite summer holiday spot, Mark Warner Levante, there are no flannels. I know right? Alert the authorities!

There are towels upon towels upon towels, but none of the slightly smaller (yet in my opinion, no less essential), flannels.

Last year I found some small disposable towels on Amazon and flew them across Europe with me, but on arrival they went all soggy on contact with water (not helpful) and therefore weren’t particularly nice to use. Which is why, this year I was pondering other options.

Do I just buy cheap flannels and throw them away (wasteful)? Do I take my own flannels and bring them home once I’ve used them (taking up vital clothes space)? Do I not use flannels for the week (unthinkable).

double cleanse olay double cleanse olay

Double Cleansing with Olay

Luckily, in the nick of time, skincare classics Olay came to the rescue and sent me a couple of boxes of their Daily Facials Micellar Clean. Billed as a daily facial in a box, these amazing wipes were sent to me from holiday heaven to simplify my skincare regime, delivering my essential double cleanse in one step with five key benefits:  cleansing, removing make-up, exfoliating, improving my skin’s look and preserving moisture.

Completely removing the need for flannels, these Daily Facial cloths include natural cacti ingredient alongside Aloe Vera and Grapeseed extract, which  work together to help sooth skin and restore collagen, as well as prevent acne and premature ageing. The cloths themselves are dry and are activated with water, with a texture that helps gently exfoliate as you clean. Double cleansing fans like me need not worry, as each cloth contains enough product for two cleans.

I was slightly unsure about how the Daily Facials would compare to my usual strict flannel routine. Holidays are hard on your skin: when you combine the sun, SPF, saltwater and chlorine plus the ubiquitous evening glow-y makeup (I used this ByTerry Cellularose CC Cream which made me look like I had the skin of a Victoria’s Secret Angel – I’m sure the legs will follow), you need a robust evening and morning face wash.

So what was my sun-kissed SPF verdict?

double cleanse olay

I genuinely loved using the Daily Facials. They left my skin feeling clean without any tightness, and were so easy to use that on the nights that I otherwise may not have been arsed to wash my face (Rosé, relaxation and sunshine seem to lead to skincare laziness…). My skin was glowing daily, and it was such a low-maintenance solution to an annoying holiday problem. And – bonus! – they took up hardly any precious suitcase space.

I loved them so much, in fact, that I have used them at least once a day since I returned from holiday. As someone who doesn’t usually cleanse until she’s ready to crawl into bed, they are such a quick and simple way to take care of that part of your routine without having to spend hours at the sink.

double cleanse olay

And the effect they’ve had on my skin? Well, I’m happily wandering around without make-up today, and only yesterday someone told me I didn’t look anywhere near my 32 years. I might have wanted to drop down on my knees and as for their hand in marriage, but I just sent a prayer of thanks to the god of easy and effective skincare instead. Thanks, Olay!

I am working in partnership with Olay and am delighted to be trying out products by a brand I’ve been using for years. 

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  1. Georgina Bailey wrote:

    I’m gojnf to get these! Thanks

    As an aside, where did you go on holiday? Single mum of two similar age children and always on look out for recommendations


    Posted 7.20.18 Reply