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The Key to Victoria’s Secret Hair May Well Be In The Sea: Dermikelp
Dermikelp review

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Remember the halcyon beauty days of your early twenties where you could be as low-maintenance as you wanted, yet still maintain the ethereal glow of Snow White?

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Dermikelp. Thank-you for supporting the brands that support More Than Toast!

My beauty routines back then were something else: the most advanced products I would put on my skin and hair were a £1.99 Nivea moisturiser followed by a slap of Pantene, yet I’d still wake up each and every morning with the hair of a Victoria’s Secret model who’d had 10 hours of sleep.

No joke, there was one time back then when I spent a week shampooing my hair with washing up liquid because I’d got heavy-handed with the (at-home) hair dye and I’d read in a magazine that Fairy Liquid made a good clarifying shampoo.

The biggest surprise of all is that my follicles remained unharmed.

Fast forward ten years and I’m in an altogether different beauty boat altogether. I religiously double cleanse, following with liquid exfoliants, vitamin C, retinols, oils and layers of moisturiser, I drink so much water that I have to pee once an hour, research my haircare with the fervency of really enthusiastic chemist and take a raft of supplements specifically designed to re-create said all-over Snow White/Victoria’s Secret glow.

What I want out of my beauty regime now is easy: I want products that are as nourishing, natural and simple as possible. And, with kids who are of an age whereby they’re starting to be interested in their own self grooming (and therefore pinch all my goodies), I want to be using products that are also kind on their young hair and skin.

Dermikelp review

Enter Dermikelp, a new range of body and hair care made with nutrient-rich sea kelp sustainably harvested by hand from the cool waters off the cost of South Africa.

Dermikelp is a brand that uses the Ecklonia maxima species of sea kelp which is known for its potent nourishing, hydrating and soothing properties. Ecklonia maxima is a crucial part of the delicately balanced ecosystem that thrives in these parts, well away from major shipping lanes on South Africa’s west coast. To preserve as much of the goodness of the kelp it is neither heated nor frozen but put under immense pressure to extract a concentrated sap called CEM-K – the main ingredient to Dermikelp – and then the leaves of the kelp are processed for agricultural use and returned to nature as nutrient-rich plant food.

In keeping with the company’s sustainable ethos the kelp is only harvested once every two years to allow the sub-marine forest to fully regenerate, and all bottled and packaging are 100% recyclable.

In the last couple of weeks both Elfie and I been trialling a few all-over Dermikelp products. We’re a family of slightly sensitive-skinned snowflakes, and in particular I was interested to see if the Dermikelp hair care system could help tame Elfie’s itchy scalp. Plus, with my recent hair woes I really hoped the gentleness of the products could maintain my current settled hair state.

My main issue with most shampoo and conditioners I try at the moment is that they leave my hair looking and feeling a bit dull. There’s build-up and stickiness and it’s really my pet hate: now I’m a bit older and have thinner hair I want products that will make my locks simply soft, shiny and clean.


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Both Elf and I thought Dermikelp for hair – the shampoo, conditioner and scalp tonic – was brilliant. After two washes Elfie’s flaky scalp has all but disappeared and she’s noticeably scratching less, and my hair has been left (yep, you guessed it) really beautifully soft and smooth: the last time I touched my own hair in wonder this much it was after I’d used a product over twice the price.

The products are low-foam and really feel as gentle as they claim to be. The shampoo cleans brilliantly and conditioner soothes and moisturises without being heavy.


The Dermikelp body collection is billed for skin that requires a little bit more tender loving care, which is Hux and I all over – literally. We’re both prone to sensitive and dry skin so this range of nourishing, moisturising and fragrance-free skincare is great for us. The face wash worked well without being too stripping of moisture, as did the body wash, and the moisturising body lotion is thick and hydrating.

My favourite product of all though is the moisturising skin spray: you simply spritz it over yourself when exiting the shower and it’s all done! Harking back to my low-maintenance early twenties, that one’s gone straight into my gym bag for when I need my quick showers.

We’ll continue to use these products on our reactive skin and hair; you can try all products for yourself with 50% off using the code ALICE50 via Natural Beauty Online, or read more about their fascinating story and harvesting process on their site.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Dermikelp. Thank-you for supporting the brands that support More Than Toast!

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