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Days out with the kids. Essential items you shouldn’t leave at home!

Days out with the kids. Essential items you shouldn’t leave at home!

Easter Activities

With restrictions finally being lifted, the months ahead mean that we can enjoy days out with our children and make some memories outside of our own four walls. Whether you have a list of family attractions you can’t wait to revisit, or your children are excited about trying something new, it’s safe to say that everyone can get excited about family days out!

It’s been a while since you probably went anywhere for the day as a family, so you might want to revisit your day bag and reassess which items are essential and which ones are now redundant. There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching your destination to realise you’ve forgotten something. So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered all the items I won’t leave home without! 

Hand sanitizer

We all know that kids get sticky, dirty hands, but as we’re slowly emerging from a pandemic, it’s important that we take the risk of germs and bacteria seriously, especially when out in public as a family. Instead of carrying around a large bottle of sanitizer, consider this small hand sanitizer spray instead. These gorgeous sprays leave hands feeling fresh, smelling great and safely sanitized, allowing you to enjoy your day as a family and not worry too much about bacteria and the virus.

Snacks and water

Whether you’re out for a few hours or you’re planning on making a day of it, don’t rely on kiosks and cafes being open for refreshments. Bringing your own snacks and bottled water will keep those hungry tummies satisfied and prevent those hunger-related meltdowns. Simple snacks like crackers, breadsticks, fruit, sandwiches and cereal bars will always be appreciated!

Spare clothes

You don’t need to bring a suitcase with you, but if your children are of an age where accidents happen or they’re a little messy with their food, bringing along spare clothes will certainly save the day from being cut short.


Most people are encouraged to pay for things with contactless as a way to reduce the spread of the virus, however, it’s always a good idea to have a little spare change on you for things like parking, additional snacks, ice creams or even tolls.

Your tickets and proof of purchase

To control numbers and to keep crowds to a minimum, many attractions require patrons to book their “slot” in advance and pay for their session upfront. All you have to do is show your email receipt at the attraction entrance. While this is a simple and effective approach, consider printing off your tickets and your receipts just in case there’s an issue with your phone or connection. If something does go awry – you’ll be so glad you did!

Tablets and tech

If your day out means spending extended time in the car, consider bringing along some tech to keep your little ones occupied. A tablet, a movie on your smartphone or even an audiobook could be the perfect distraction whilst you sit in traffic.

Final thoughts…

Family days out are something we can all look forward to once restrictions ease, just remember to follow the guidelines and check the instructions at the attraction you’re visiting so no one is left disappointed.




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