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Dabbling With The Rock Girl Look

Sometimes we need a shake-up of our wardrobe, so we can energise ourselves. The big mistake that we tend to make is dressing younger than our years. But there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Case in point, the rock girl look.

Now, we’re not talking about spiky hair, and studded leather jackets, or even the grungy look, but we can still look particularly stylish with a few little touchstones of good old-fashioned rock! Let’s give you some hints.

Make It Slightly Edgy

The best way to do this is to go for a few key accessories. If you’re looking for an authentic rocker look, it’s worth trying chunky ones. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can go for studded nose rings, which communicate just enough to get away with any clothing choice. But there are plenty of earrings online that can go over the top of the ear. Have a look at the online helix earrings database to get some inspiration, especially with those studied ends. This, in combination with some statement shoes, can give you that striking look at the top and the bottom, while the middle can be whatever you really want!

The Street Style

Let’s go back to the 70s! Get some over the knee boots with tights and a mini skirt. This gives you an edgy street style that nobody can argue with! On the top, you can wear a denim jacket or just go for a classic band t-shirt, and you have something that’s got a little bit of bite, harks back to the classic days of rock, but it doesn’t make you look 12 years old either; crucial if you are busy with the kids!

All The Leather 

Vegans look away now! Leather doesn’t mean dressing like a biker or Cher in that video; a rocker girl look can be all about a little embellished leather jacket that you can dress up with sunglasses, small accessories, and, to top it all off, heeled leather boots with zipper detailing. Leather can, in the wrong hands, look particularly unappealing. Ensure that you wear your hair down for this one, and have a clutch bag on hand to smarten up any rough-looking pieces.

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The Monochrome Look

You’ve got to go dark if you’re going to pull off the rocker look! Go for the leather leggings, spiked boots, and then an oversized shirt that ensures that nobody messes with you. The monochrome look doesn’t have to be completely black, but think about mixing up your colours, such as charcoal and black, or have grey leggings with black boots.¬†

Dabbling with the rocker look is most definitely one of those things that we can think is only for younger women, but if we are looking to shake up our style, we need some inspiration, but also need to get away with something practical, yet casual, the rocker look covers a multitude of sins, but it can be a springboard to a new style. Try the rocker look, start small, and see how it suits you.

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