Cybermummy was…

…a crazy day full of learning, fun and both new and old friends. Whilst I decompress (i.e. sit outside with a jug of Pimms) and go through the stack of business cards I accrued – my RSS reader won’t know what’s hit it – I will leave you with this:

The best thing about going away for the night is coming home again.

    1. It certainly was overwhelming, the oestrogen in that building was at dangerous levels. Really really great to meet you x

    1. Fantastic day! I’m not sure we met… or did I drink too much free wine?!

      (I didn’t think I drank enough free wine)

  1. Adorable picture. I agree: it was great to reunite with my little one on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, when I picked her up from a friend’s she had 101 degree temperature and a constant headache!

    Hope to meet you soon.


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