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I promise that I will no longer be that smug new mummy, the one who has the perfect baby who sleeps and eats when she should. I say this because Elfreda has been awake since 11am and is now completely overtired. It’s 9pm and she’s been screaming since 6 – I am writing this as her Dad has taken her out for a drive in a last-ditch attempt for sleep.

The last week has been very tough for all three of us. I can see Elfie growing in so many ways, and it seems to me that she is now clever enough to want to be doing things but lacks the motor skills and co-ordination. I think a fair amount of her grizzling this week (and there has been A LOT) has been the consequence of frustration. I know this is a stage and it will pass but it’s difficult to remind myself of this after 4 hours of wailing when all I want to do is relax in front of the TV with a glass of wine.

To try and overcome the six-week blues I plan to get out and about; Elfie had her best nights sleep last week after accompanying us to a rugby match so lots of fresh air is on the agenda. I will be attending my first Mother and Babies group on Monday, a day at the farm on Tuesday and an arts workshop on Thursday. The baby is far to young of course to take part in any of these activities but I’m hoping to make some new friends and get her used to different activities.

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  1. themadhouse wrote:

    Oh Mrs it can be so hard when they cry and you have no idea why. It doesnt last forever.

    Posted 8.23.10 Reply
  2. Jagged rubies wrote:

    Your baby is such a little cutie, even when she cries.

    Posted 8.24.10 Reply
  3. notesredshoes wrote:

    how you doing babe?
    ps. this is the answer to our nappy bag woes

    Posted 8.28.10 Reply
  4. I'm not sure it'll help to say this but there's a horrid growth spurt around 6 weeks and it will get better one you get through it

    Lots of cake, lots of cuddles and to help with everything else

    Posted 8.30.10 Reply
  5. Best hosting wrote:

    awwwww…. so cute!

    Posted 3.23.12 Reply