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Crucial Things You Need To Sort Before You Tie The Knot

Crucial Things You Need To Sort Before You Tie The Knot

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There is so much romance and excitement around the act of getting married, that sometimes couples that are not best suited for the long term commitment it requires can get carried away with the celebration of it all. However, before you decide to commit your life to another person, some serious questions need to be asked. Find out what the most important ones are below. 

Whether you will have a prenup?

Prenups can be a massive bone of contention between both couples and their extended families. With some sides arguing that they are inviting the failure of the marriage, and others insisting that they are only there to protect each party. 

Essentially, whether you decide to get one will be dependent on a few different things. The first is whether either party has any significant assets that needed to be protected going into a marriage. If the answer to this is no then it’s unlikely you will need one. After all, assets accrued during the marriage will be split roughly equally, if a divorce occurs. 

The next is whether you feel it is necessary. Although beware of relying on your emotions to tell you this. Instead, it’s much better to consider the facts, as the way we feel about people can change. Indeed, this is precisely why divorce happens! 

Where will you live?

Next, you need to decide where you will live as a couple. For some, this is a simple decision as they are from the same place or already living together. However, for those in long-distance, overseas relationships things can get much more complicated, especially if you want your other half to come and live in your native country and they do not have citizenship. 

The good news is that an immigration professional will be able to assess your case and see whether you can apply for a spouse visa for your husband or wife. Something that will give them the legal right to live in the same country as you. 

Whether you want kids 

Whether you want to have kids or not can be a real dealbreaker for some marriages. That is why it is so important to discuss it beforehand. Of course, this means you need to give some careful consideration as to whether you want to be a parent or not. 

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You can even go online to sites like /r childfree, and r/oneanddone to get some input and advice as to your decision. Just be sure to be upfront about what you do decide with your other half, as it’s much better to know before you tie the knot than to have to deal with different values on starting a family after. 

What your wedding will be like 

Last of all, once you have sorted out the other important issue mentioned you can start to consider your wedding. Being clear on your expectations here is very serious because planning a wedding can very quickly become an emotionally charged issue. 

Be sure to discuss what you want to spend, whether you want a big celebration or something more intimate, and who you will invite in detail before making any decisions. 


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