Cravings, week 8 to 13

This post originally appeared in my old blog, clinic

– Potato waffles with vinegar and a lot of salt
– M&S Bacon-wrapped cheese Christmas canapes (though M&S not open so had to improvise with ingredients from the corner shop)
– Pancakes
– Pies (when watching The Waitress – had to improvise with toast as no pie ingredients in house and 11pm)
– Cheesy twists (total morning sickness-at-3am lifesaver)
– Plain pasta with olive oil and butter (dinner for a fortnight when I was too sick to eat anything else apart from toast and cheesy twists)

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  1. Jules wrote:

    Oh god, I’m not even pregnant and crave these now!

    Posted 1.3.10 Reply
  2. Alex wrote:

    I’ve had no morning sickness at all (like my mum), but 11am is now “salt and vinegar crisp time”!

    Posted 2.3.10 Reply
  3. Alice wrote:

    Alex, strangely enough 3pm is my ‘salt and vinegar crisp time’! Though they can’t be any crisps, only s+v Squares will do…

    Posted 2.3.10 Reply
  4. sparkyclarky wrote:

    Hiya, I notice theres a lot of cheesy things in there. My cravings went from ham, cheese and tomato sauce, to sugary things like doughnuts (but not hard boiled sweets, they made me sick and still do), and now it's bread and butter and tomato sauce. A friend of mine craved vinegar during her 1st pregnancy, and I believe so does tom sauce, I can just eat it out of the bottle!

    Posted 5.6.10 Reply