Putting The Cosatto Ooba To The Test

Cosatto Ooba review

I’ve never been one of those mums, you know, who are really in to their prams. I’ve go a couple of friends who go through a different pram every six months but for me it’s never been that important (changing bags, on the other hand…). I had my Bugaboo Bee+ for Elfie and when Hux arrive the fleet expanded by a double Phil + Teds. I’ve always been pretty happy with these two, they get the job done without any fuss – what more could we want?

So when Cosatto got in touch a couple of months ago to ask if I’d want to sample their new model, the Ooba, I was a little hesitant. Could it improve on what were my two totally adequate prams? Turned out that yes, yes it absolutely could.

Cosatto Ooba box

Cosatto Ooba unboxed

The day it arrived I was pretty excited. It matched my carpet! Look at that print! The beautiful blues! You can’t deny this is one good looking pram. I set about unboxing and building it, something I managed on my own and with minimal fuss (score one Ooba, the Bugaboo was not this easy).

The Ooba comes with two parts, the carrycot which is suitable from birth (and absolutely gorgeous… almost enough to make me want a newborn to put in it) (HAHAHAH oh god I need a stiff drink just at the thought) and the seat which is where King Hux would be sitting. This photograph was taken as he was crying and desperately claw his way into the pram which says it all. The kid loves it, what can I say?


The Ooba also comes with a matching nappy bag which fits into the generous basket underneath the buggy, along with your toddler if you so wish (this probably isn’t recommended. Probably).

Cosatto Ooba reviewSo, first impressions? Like I said, this is a looker of a pram. If it were a man it would be a Bradley Cooper.

One of the first things that struck me about the pram is how high up the seat is, and this has made such a big difference. Both the Bugaboo and Phil + Teds have low seats and I’ve really enjoyed Hux being that little bit closer to me. We can chatter a lot more and if I’m sitting for lunch or to have a coffee there’s not as much need to lift him out and into a highchair.

I like the fact the basket is only really accessible from the back and the parts of the pram are easy to click and clonk into place. If you’ve ever got your fingers stuck in the mechanism of a Maclaren you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Cosatto Ooba review

The seat is incredibly comfy and the straps easy to do up, a must when you’re wearing gloves/have cold hands/a wriggly toddler. Because Hux is a stubborn thing and doesn’t like to sleep when he’s in the pram (he prefers to grumble annoyingly because Mama is trying on yet another pair of jeans) we haven’t tested the recline capability so much, but Elfie loves to ‘pretend’ with it.

Cosatto Ooba review

A couple of blustery walks to the park over gravel, grass, woodchips and mud and I can confirm this buggy is a joy to handle. My Bugaboo, it’s built for city living so is not great dealing with different terrains but the Ooba has no issues with this at all.  It’s mostly a pleasure when I’m shopping or on a flat surface; it’s such a pleasure to scoot the pram around and it goes quickly too. I’ve out-walked more than one OAP on a mobility scooter with this bad boy.

Cosatto Ooba review

In a nutshell: so far, so good. The Ooba looks fantastic, is a pleasure to push and does the job. Full marks. Stay tuned for the next stage of our Very Scientific testing method, which involves a day out (possibly with sand?), a time trial for folding/unfolding and more info on just how well those glorious white wheels are holding up.


The Lowdown

Included with the Ooba (£800) is:

– Chassis, carrycot and seat unit
– Cosy Toes with reversible zip off liner
– Coordinating changing bag with changing mat and messy bag
– Patterned raincovers for pushchair seat and carrycot
– Spacious storage basket
– Hold car seat adaptors (Hold car seat sold separately)

Thank-you so much to Cosatto for letting us trial this beauty of a pram. We’re having a blast doing it!


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  1. Wow prams and pushchairs move on pretty fast don’t they?! I had a Macalaren, which was dead easy to fold, but tipped over a lot when weighed down with shopping, this looks like a safer design?

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      That happened with my Bugaboo too! Maybe we just shop too much?!

      Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  2. Emma wrote:

    I really think it’d only be right for you to video the folding time trial for our enjoyment?!!

    Total pram envy here btw. Well jealous.

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  3. Lucy wrote:

    Wowee that is one good looking pushchair! Love the white wheels and geometric patterned fabric. I want one, just need a baby now… or I could be one of those creepy people who pushes their dog around in one haha :)

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  4. Such a good looking pushchair! And a very handsome young man travelling in it! x

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  5. Sarah wrote:

    This is a gorgeous pram! And your kids model it beautifully. I have to say though, that it looks very similar to the Babystyle Oyster, which is only about £300 with all the accessories. £800 is a small fortune! Saying that…perhaps it’s worth it for the geometric patterns :)

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  6. This looks like a great pram! I loved my phil and teds, but this looks great too! If only I had a baby to go in one ;)

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  7. Emma wrote:

    I havent had a cosatto but I do love the ones I’ve seen. The print and fabrics always look great.

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  8. That’s one good looking pushchair – loving the duck egg blue too. We had a cosatto double puschhair that lasted a good two years before we had to grab a new one.

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  9. Lori wrote:

    haha Bradley Cooper indeed! It does look lush and the patterns and colours are great. I love the fact that Hux is high up in the chair and you can enjoy a good chat. Yep ovaries are starting to ache ;) x

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  10. This is a really lovely looking pram. I love how much storage space there is underneath….I’m always carrying loads around with me and then if you stop to shop….! Looks great though.

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  11. Fiona wrote:

    Definitely a looker. I love Cosatto’s designs. x

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  12. Sophie wrote:

    That’s such a gorgeous colour and pattern. I’m a sucker for ‘packaging’ so I’d be tempted to drop £800 just because it’s pretty – and I wonder where all my money goes.

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  13. Fritha wrote:

    I’m bias as I have one too but I LOVE it, so pretty and practical :) x

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  14. Hey, you are on to a winner there… they are such lovely designs… wish I had one. (But that would mean having a another baby right??)

    Posted 4.14.14 Reply
  15. becky wrote:

    Oh that looks a great pram. I had a quinny buzz which i loved.

    Posted 4.15.14 Reply
  16. Well that is a bit funky!!!

    Posted 4.15.14 Reply
  17. HPMcQ wrote:

    what a funky looking buggy. seems a life time ago since ronnie was in his, not that i want to go back there you understand!

    Posted 4.15.14 Reply
  18. The more I see this pushchair, the more I’m falling for it. I didn’t really use one at all for my first daughter, just carried her in slings. Now she’s in my Maclaren and my second daughter is in the sling. I hate the damn thing falling over but it’s amazing having somewhere to put all the stuff. If I were sure she’d need a pushchair for loads longer (she’s 2 years 10 months) I’d consider one of these.

    Posted 4.15.14 Reply
  19. Love the fact that the seats higher up and the design is sweeeeeeet!

    Posted 4.15.14 Reply
  20. abigail wrote:

    I’m in love with the design of this pushchair, and it looks so sturdy too! We changed our minds about our first pram within the first few months, and I learnt my lesson from not doing any research what so ever and panic buying the first one we came across! If I ever have another I would love to give this a go!

    Posted 4.15.14 Reply
  21. Laura wrote:

    The Cosatto prams and pushchairs are so stylish and I would totally consider getting one next time, we bought the really retro style highchair and loved it, they have great prints and patterns on their products as well which I love

    Laura x

    Posted 4.16.14 Reply