Corners Of My Home #2

Our house layout is slightly quirky in that our master bedroom and bathroom is downstairs with all the other bedrooms and our study upstairs. I like to say this is awesome because we don’t hear babies crying in the night (jokes, of course we have a baby monitor) and is slightly annoying when you’re up and down stairs for whatever reason but mostly it works for us. I can have Elfie play in the lounge with her toys while I’m in the bedroom getting ready for the day. More time for make up = everyone’s happy.

But this does mean the upstairs of our house gets neglected sometimes. For the spells that Will works from his London office instead of from home we only go up there to put Elfie to bed (you should see the state of his study. That’s one room I try not to touch but sometimes I can’t help myself and have to go on a cleaning spree). Elfie’s washing has a habit of getting piled up in her room and as she grows (and gets cheekier) she likes to get into drawers and boxes and empties them. Much fun for mummy.

This week I did a huge sort-out of her room: moved everything that could be opened away from her cot for those evenings when she’s not so sleepy and needs something to entertain her (I will replace these with books). It’s now a much calmer, happier place, and I’m hoping to spend much less time picking up clothes that she’s spend her nights throwing on the floor.

Piggy banks and her first birthday card. My old Flower Fairies that need to go on the wall. 

Elfie’s Bedtime friends. Of course Peppa is one of them. 

The blanket that always ends up in a ball on the floor by morning.

The girl nearly has more clothes than me. Nearly.

Baskets of socks, and the cat lamp bought by Uncle Josh and Auntie Erin.

Vintage Winnie the Pooh prints on the landing – more things that need to go on the walls. 

The spare bedroom is the smallest room – just big enough for a bed… 

…but it has windows on two sides so is also the lightest room in the house.

I love snooping! Aimee showed us corners of her home – if you’d like to do the same please share!

Psst: see more of my house here

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  1. Emma wrote:

    Where can i buy one of them there squigy fun looking small things that sit so cutely on the cream chair, it is i think called a beautiful BABY…lovely home xx

    Posted 8.17.12 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Try IKEA ;)!

      Posted 8.17.12 Reply
  2. HonestMum wrote:

    Love a good sort out-just rearranged everything myself-Oliver has a brand new room which I loved decorating and the imminent one has lots of new furniture on order. Exciting times. Love your style x

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Thank you! Please share piccies of yours- I love to see! xx

      Posted 8.28.12 Reply
  3. Totally loving these posts Alice (not least because I’m a nosey one who likes to see into other people’s homes!) – am going to do one of these posts myself, you have inspired me/am going to blatantly copy you!! :-) xxx ps. the Hux is looking gorgeous as usual x

    Posted 8.27.12 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Yes please do, I LOVE seeing inside people’s houses! xx

      Posted 8.28.12 Reply