Coffee and Tea

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Do you drink Coffee or Tea? Me, I’m a big tea drinker, I never feel like the day has started until I have my cup of Yorkshire Gold in the morning. I’m partial to an espresso after a hard night with the kids too, and luckily my husband’s a massive coffee snob so we usually have a nice bag of Monmouth next to our coffee machine. Basically, caffeine rocks my world and I know I’m not the first mother to say that! Where would we be without our caffeine kick? Sat dribbling in front of CBeebies, that’s where.

Here are loads of excuses why you should enjoy your morning cup of whatever takes your fancy. Next I’d like one of these for wine, please!


  1. I am an avid white tea drinker since discovering Clipper White Tea a year ago….nice to hear it getting a mention (didn’t know it was unfermented so thanks for that nugget)…..loving the blog, wish i had discovered it at same time as the white tea..

  2. Haha good to know I’m above average in something… 3.1 cups of coffee is average?? I have 3 cups before the baby has finished his first bottle of the day (granted, it takes him an hour to polish it off!). Fab article :)

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