Shock! Kitchen Appliances Aren’t Self-Cleaning!

Before I became a fully-fledged solo-living adult I used to believe that appliances were self-cleaning. Dishwasher? Cleans itself on every cycle I’m sure. Washing machine? Always full of detergent, must be spotless.


It took a breakdown of both my dishwasher and washing machine to make me realise I had to actually proactively clean the both of them – I mean, the fact of limescale was a whole new world when I started Googling the flashing error messages on my appliances – and ever since then I’ve pretty much been on top of cleaning my non-self cleaning kitchen items.

But there are specific easy methods you can use to make these cleaning jobs easy: my favourite is the lemon juice/microwave method, it smells so fresh! And my friends from BEKO have compiled them all in a handy graphic that explains all.

Read on to find out, and never suffer a dirty appliance again…

The Big Spring Clean: How to clean your appliances
Provided by Beko

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