Shock! Kitchen Appliances Aren’t Self-Cleaning!

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Before I became a fully-fledged solo-living adult I used to believe that appliances were self-cleaning. Dishwasher? Cleans itself on every cycle I’m sure. Washing machine? Always full of detergent, must be spotless. 

However, as I have spent more time living alone, I realized that these appliances don’t guarantee cleanliness all the time. Regardless of how many detergent or liquid soap I put inside of them, there will be instances when I notice dust and grimes inside of these appliances (which can be fixed by And being the nosey person as I am, I decided to find out which kitchen appliances aren’t self-cleaning. For me, this is an important task because this information will help me maintain a clean home and protect myself against germs and bacteria.   

It took a breakdown of both my dishwasher and washing machine to make me realise I had to actually proactively clean the both of them – I mean, the fact of limescale was a whole new world when I started Googling the flashing error messages on my appliances – and ever since then, I’ve pretty much been on top of cleaning my non-self cleaning kitchen items. The information I researched online made me realized that cleaning an oven is easy and only requires items that are already found in my kitchen cupboard.   

But there are specific easy methods you can use to make these cleaning jobs easy: my favourite is the lemon juice/microwave method, it smells so fresh! And my friends from BEKO have compiled them all in a handy graphic that explains all. 

Aside from this common method, I realized that there are more strategies for me to clean my kitchen appliances without spending a lot of money, namely:


  •  Vinegar + Olive Oil  


A lot of homeowners have used vinegar and olive oil in cleaning their kitchen appliances at home. According to my online research, this mixture works best for kitchen appliances made from stainless steel.  

For you to clean your kitchen appliances using vinegar and olive oil, simply mix the same amount of liquids inside a spray bottle. Spray down the mixture in all of your kitchen appliances while using a microfiber cloth to remove any excess. Make sure to wipe in the same direction as the grain of your kitchen appliance to ensure that these will end up looking very shiny!  


  • Dish Soap + Baby Oil  


If you don’t have any olive oil in your kitchen, don’t worry because you can use other mixtures to clean the surfaces of your kitchen appliances. Instead of using vinegar and olive oil, you can mix dish soap and baby oil. Put a small amount of the mixture in a microfiber cloth and start cleaning.   

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  • Flour  


If you have been having problems keeping your sink clean and spotless, use flour. Start by making sure that all grimes are removed from the surface of your sink and pour a generous amount of flour on it. Leave the mixture overnight and wash with clean water after. This is an effective and simple hack to make your sink look like new!   



The Big Spring Clean: How to clean your appliances
Provided by Beko

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