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Christmas: What To Buy The Woman Who Has Everything

Christmas: What To Buy The Woman Who Has Everything

Christmas Together

We all have that one friend. No, I don’t mean THAT kind of friend, but the sort who is just absolutely impossible to buy for. You know the one I mean; fast-moving, high-flying, all-accomplishing. The kind of friend who, when it comes to items – clothes, accessories, homewares, tech – just buys them as soon as she wants them.

This type of friend is always a valuable one to have. She’s always on time, always prepared and always generous in every respect. I have at least three of them in my own personal friend group and by god, I am thankful for each and every one of them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a panic every time it comes to their birthdays or Christmases – what on earth do you buy for a friend who has everything?

You’re in luck. Having spent years dealing with the Woman Who Has Everything I’ve collated all my gift-giving advice below, so you’ll never be short of present ideas ever again. Read on – you’re welcome!

An Experience
From what I know, the Woman Who Has Everything values experiences over gifts. A recent favourite idea of mine was a candle making workshop from Becky, the genius behind Litwicks, but if you’d rather spend time with your pal one-on-one then why not consider taking her out for a lovely dinner? My favourite locations for intimate dinners in London with my friends include Sager + Wilde, Tayerr Elementary and Gloria Trattoria – LOVELY.

An Intimate Pleasure-Filled Gift
Is there any better present to give than the gift of pleasure?! I think not! One of the best places I’ve found for women sex toys is Pabo, an incredible one-stop shop for everything intimately pleasureable. And if she’s struggling to know what to do with their new friend there’s a brilliant handy guide to how to use sex toys… buy her one of these bad boys and you will automatically become her new best friend.

Thoughtfully Handmade Pressies
Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a handmade gift, and though there’s a wealth of choices out there it’s very easy to get lost when looking for the perfect handmade present. My absolute favourite place to shop for unique, personalised and homemade gifts is Etsy, and it’s impossible to come away from a couple of hours on their marketplace without discovering some absolute hidden treasures.

Zodiac Jewellery
If your difficult-to-buy-for-friend is of the horoscope persuasion, a piece of zodiac jewellery is a powerful daily reminder of her strength, resilience and drive. Of recent times I’ve become slightly addicted to hunting down the absolute perfect necklace that will give me that strength myself, and there are some absolutely glorious options out there (I’m a Leo – by the way – raaaarrr). There are a few retailers out there who have some absolutely beautiful pieces to purchase for every single taste and budget, and for those who are into their zodiac jewellery gold and gorgeous (i.e. me!) do check out Maje, Wanderlust and Monica Vinander. Trust me, she’ll be absolutely delighted with any of the above!


Do you have a friend who’s totally tricky to buy for? I’d love to hear your ideas for those incredibly hard to find gifts!

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